New Book Release: "Message From The Black Swan, A Medical Doctor's Journey To Healing Truth Through Cancer!"

Released on: October 21, 2013, 10:40 am
Industry: Healthcare

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Message from the Black Swan, a new book revealing the true story of a medical doctor who was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and went through a process of deep inner transformation while searching for the core principles of healing, has today been officially released.

The book is currently available online at

According to the author, Dr. Marina Wassermann, Message from the Black Swan presents a novel concept in approaching cancer treatment, which views a human being as a whole: body-mind-spirit unity and reveals it's meaning, importance, and influence on people's lives.

Believing that for ages people's limited perception of the world didn't let them see the truth of who they really are, Dr. Wassermann says the main reason cancer remains incurable stems from the fact that we lost our true identity and as a consequence of this, physical body was a primary target for the treatment.

The Message from the Black Swan is a book that brings a profound paradigm shift in our thinking, specifically in the way we see or have seen the world of cancer treatment, say Dr. Wassermann. It conveys messages that are essential to healing, provides key information, and guidance to recovery, the writer adds. And although everyone can do it, it certainly does require belief, determination, and desire to achieve, notes Dr. Wassermann.

She shows the way for cure from inside out by using our inner potential. Dr. Wassermann further notes that if people believe in traditional medicine and go through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, a move towards the physical body, it is fine, they can start from here because that's where they the belief is. The writer adds however, if they want to reach full recovery, they must address the other two levels of the whole being/self at mind and spirit as described in the book.

Regardless of the chosen treatment plan cancer patients need to have clear understanding on the main principles they need to navigate in pursuing their goal, but unfortunately, the writer says this is often not a case, as many just blindly looking for different healing modalities or techniques with a hope that it would help them.

About the Author
Marina was born in Kazakhstan, where she completed her medical school, followed by a neurology residency. While in Kazakhstan, she not only worked as an attending neurologist, but also became the first coordinator-physician of the US Public Health program through the United States Peace Corps. In 2003, Marina immigrated to Canada with her family, and subsequently was accepted into an Internal Medicine Residency in the United States. She started her North American path of licensure, helped countless patients during her medical residency program up until 2011. Midway through her third year of residency, Marina, diagnosed with stage-three breast cancer, had to face the biggest challenge of her life. She began a journey that led her to the discovery of the healing Truth and creation of her first book Message from the Black Swan. Website:

For further information about the book, Message from the Black Swan, which provides a unique concept to cancer treatment and how to reach full recovery, please visit the following website:

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