The Exciting Launch of a New Online Teaching Platform Concept

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Released on: February 10, 2014, 5:00 am (EST)
Industry: Education, Internet & Online

With the creation of Freasyway, it is clear that we now have access to the most complete and secured interactive teaching platform.

San Diego, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Freasyway concept is simple, yet complete. Countless High Schools, universities, superior technical schools or independent teachers can share paid or free lessons on the Freasyway platform. The content is made accessible to all students or interested individuals. By posting online paid lessons, leads to certain commission fees..

In addition, various complementary services are available as following: Small national and international announcements referring to the educational field and generally anything related to areas of interest for students and educators.

Teach in real time thanks to the advantages brought by the Freasyway virtual class, a complex system that allows teachers to connect with their students in real time. The virtual class module enables educational institutions, represented by a teacher or an administrator, to plan and set the details of the educational content, including title, the date and hour, duration, the language used for a specific class' interface, and, when needed, to record the lessons. Due to the implementation of functionalities such as video-conferencing for maximum 10 persons, a whiteboard, screen sharing and content sharing, the educational institutions take advantage of advanced collaboration tools in real time; such tools enable them to teach courses online in real time..

Besides the possibility to exchange documents and videos, Freasyway also provides a virtual educational library called Box reader that grants users full access to various and numerous resources: manuals, homework sets, graduation tests, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc..

We have already reached success with no less than 300 educational institutions, associations and independent teachers spread across 9 countries and 3 continents (France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, The United States, Canada, China, Germany, Russia) that currently use Freasyway. The system clearly responds to the needs of educational institutions by offering an alternative and complementary solution to the traditional system, as initially was intended and created by its conceptor.

Due to a collaboration with the MEET Organization, which promotes accessible education for every European, Freasyway was developed for offering a real and complete solution for current needs in terms of education at a national/international level. With the support of SPECo Vaud Region of Leman, Freasyway will equally benefit from the expertise generously provided by MJ Media and Thot Cursus, gained in their field of expertise.

Surpassing the physical boundaries of Europe and the United States, the goal of Freasyway is also to develop educational systems in the disadvantaged countries, such as Africa or certain countries of South America or Asia, via new technologies. In order to achieve that, 40% from all profits generated by our system will be used for the creation of Learning Centers and a scholarship support fund.

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