Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma

Released on: April 27, 2012, 12:23 pm
Industry: Education

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Due to the popularity of our Level 3 Forensic Science Diploma, NCC Home Learning have now developed a Brand New Level 4 Forensic Science Diploma!

This Level 4 Diploma has been produced due to popular demand for our learners, and can be used as a progression route from our other Level 3 Criminology and Forensics courses, or as a starter course for more experienced learners.

Forensic Science is a fascinating subject and can most simply be defined as applying science to the law. The work of a Forensic Scientist is multidisciplinary drawing on many subject areas including chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and social science.

Forensic Scientists are primarily involved in collecting and examining trace material associated with crimes and crime scenes, with the aim of linking a suspect to the crime and ultimately providing impartial scientific evidence for use in a court of law.

NCC Home Learning’s new Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma contains 20 modules split across 3 units covering all the key areas of the science of criminal investigation.

The first unit, of the Forensic Science Diploma is comprised of the first 1-8 modules of the course and explores the science of crime scene investigation, also known as field forensics. The modules within Unit 1 examine the processing of the crime scene and the range of possible evidence available including, biological evidence, trace evidence, fingerprint evidence, ballistics evidence, evidence of arson and evidence of explosion.

The second unit contains 3 modules examining forensic pathology at the crime scene and forensic pathology at the mortuary before moving on to Forensic Anthropology which also spans work that takes place in both the mortuary and the laboratory.

The third and final unit of the Forensic Science Diploma focuses on forensic science that takes place in a controlled environment such as a laboratory. The remaining modules that make up Unit 3 examine forensic odontology, forensic entomology, forensic botany, forensic serology, DNA typing, forensic toxicology, forensic firearms identification, disputed documents examination and forensic vehicle examination.

The Forensic Science Level 4 Diploma is the latest course to be added into our ever popular Criminology and Forensics faculty. If you are you a fan of CSI and would like to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes or would like to progress in a related career, why not find out more about this enthralling new course.

Whether studying for interest or professional development, the forensic Science course is bound to keep you hooked!

Plus with a distance learning course from NCC Home Learning you can fit studying towards a qualification around a busy lifestyle, completing your home study course at your own pace in your own time.

NCC Home Learning offer over 300 courses in a range of subject areas, the majority of courses come with 12 months full tutor support and are accredited by National Awarding Body.

If you would like to learn more about the Level 4 Forensic Science course or any of NCC Home Learning’s popular courses such as the childcare courses or the human resources diploma call us on 0800 970 2522 or email

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