Student Accommodation At Lancaster University Ranks Second In The UK

Released on: April 27, 2012, 2:19 pm
Industry: Education

UK, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Following the annual Times Higher Education Student Experience survey, Lancaster University’s student accommodation has been ranked second in the whole of the UK.

The Times Higher Education Student Experience survey was conducted by the University of Cambridge and a total of 105 different universities were ranked. All universities were scored on 21 attributes, such as the overall quality of lectures, social life, facilities, the student’s union and many others. For each attribute universities were scored out of seven by its own students, with the total for every university being calculated from these results.

191 students from Lancaster University participated the university’s scoring this year and the university ranked at number 19 for the second year running. The university has received its greatest accolade in recent years, now being set in joint second place for the best student accommodation in the UK, alongside the University of Dundee and the University of Oxford.

And it’s easy to see why the university’s students chose such a high score for its accommodation, as the students’ halls of residence is of a much higher quality than many others in the UK. Students living there can benefit from eco-friendly and energy-efficient technologies that encourage them to live more sustainably, which is a key skill they can then take into later life.

For example, students can refer to real-time energy monitors to keep energy wastage at a minimum. The halls have also been fitted with roof-mounted thermal solar panels that preheat hot water, Passive Infra-Red (PIR) units to control lighting in the halls, and high-end insulation.

“It's not like a first-year halls of residence,” said Hilary Simmons, the Head of Colleges and Student Life at Lancaster University. “You have this huge vibrancy of second- and third-years organising lots of activities and social events. Keeping these smaller communities within the overall huge university community is really important to us.”

Lancaster University has pioneered an Eco-Residences model that has received much recognition and many awards since its creation. The university uses this model for around 12 per cent of its accommodation stock, which is one of the many reasons why its students are so pleased with their housing.

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