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Released on: June 12, 2012, 7:10 am
Industry: Retail, Entertainment, Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- On the months leading up to the wedding, and even on the day of, it's all about the bride. But there's an easy way to make the groom feel honored with a keepsake briefcase named The Football, created by Urban Mercenaries LLC. This all-in-one party kit is housed in a masculine, aluminum case, personalized for the groom to celebrate what will hopefully be the best decision he's ever made.

It can be used for the bachelor party (handcuffs included) or on the day of the wedding to ease his jitters, headache, bloodshot eyes, distract him with a card game or just to freshen his breath. For the generous groom, it can even be the gift he gives to the men in his wedding party to commemorate his big day.

Whatever the use, the man who receives this will appreciate being thought of and will always have the case as a reminder of what an amazing wife, group of friends or family he has. The Football can be purchased at

The Football retails for $499.99 and includes a 17 inch aluminum case custom fitted in black velvet covered foam, a plaque engraved with a short, custom message, handcuffs, 375 ml of Grey Goose Vodka, 375 ml of Patron Tequila, 4 shot glasses, choice of either Red Bull or Rave Juice energy shots, bottle opener, Advil, Tums, eye drops, Altoids, cards, dice and an empty cocktail shaker which can be filled with whatever the groom likes cigarettes, cigars, lighter, gum, energy bar or other snacks.

For more information about The Football, please contact Jill or Colin with the contact info below.

Urban Mercenaries LLC
555 West 23 rd Street, Suite N6P
New York, NY 10011






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