npower's Burntwood Office Powered By The Sun

Released on: June 29, 2012, 7:21 am
Industry: Energy

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- npower's Burntwood office is reaping the rewards of installing renewable energy technologies, saving hundreds of pounds on its energy bills and significantly reducing its carbon emissions.

Based on the Burntwood Business Park in Cannock Chase, npower's three-storey office is home to 100 employees. With 196 light fittings, 96 computers and six printers in constant use throughout the day, the building uses a lot of energy.

npower installed 54 solar photovoltaic panels 18 months ago onto the south-facing roof of the building. The system generates 11 Kwh of electricity and offsets more than six tonnes of carbon each year. Being able to use electricity as it is generated onsite has already saved more than £1500 on energy bills.

The solar panels generate all the electricity needed, and the building owners, J.E. Dillon Properties, also receive Feed-in-Tariff payments from the government. Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) offer landlords or residents who have had solar panels installed payment for every unit of electricity generated, regardless of whether it is used onsite or not. If the electricity is not used, it can be exported back to the grid generating additional payment*.

Helen Booker, solar expert for npower, commented: "The npower office in Burntwood is perfectly suited to solar panels, as it has a large south-facing roof which is not shadowed by larger buildings nearby. Also, because it is in constant use throughout the day, all the electricity generated can be used onsite, making the system incredibly efficient.

"We were really pleased that our landlord decided to install solar PV panels on npower's offices. Now, 18 months on, not only are we benefitting from significant money and carbon savings, but we can lead by example and show how successful the technology is in action.

"Clearly, businesses have an important role to play in helping the government meet its carbon reduction targets and using renewable energy technology such as solar PV is a positive step towards this."

Mr Dillon from J.E. Dillon Properties explained: "We chose to install solar panels on the Burntwood site to benefit both npower, as our existing tenants, and also future tenants. Businesses are looking for premises which allow them to reduce their carbon emissions and energy costs while providing a visual sign of their commitment to a low carbon future."

npower's website includes guidance for businesses on solar PV installations. Anyone interested can also speak to one of npower's dedicated solar experts by calling 0845 600 2039.


Notes to Editors:
*A 21p rate came into effect from April 2012 for solar PV installations which became eligible for FITs on or after 3 March. For a system such as the one on npower’s office in Burntwood, the solar panels could generate more than £5,000 a year in FIT payments. For further information please visit

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