PilotGroup.NET: New Version of Save Flash Program Is Coming Soon

A Completely New Save Flash Program Will be Released Soon

Released on: July 31, 2012, 10:29 am
Industry: Computers, Entertainment, Internet & Online, Media

PilotGroup.NET is developing a completely new Save Flash program. This cross-browser program will allow saving video from any website, converting chosen files to desired formats and storing favorite media files on a cloud hosting.

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- 10 million of Save Flash program copies were installed worldwide! Such stats make us feel that the utility is in demand and of great help. And here's why it was decided to develop an extended version.

New Save Flash program will be granted with actual features, however will be affordable, stable and easy-to-use, as usual. Its core features will be available absolutely for free. Advanced options will be offered for a minor fee.

Save Flash will become an online application working on a cloud hosting. Hereby favorite files are supposed to be saved on PilotGroup.Net servers. There will be an option to convert audio and video files into a desired format and a selected quality. This will allow playing downloaded files on any device and with an optimal quality.

Saving video feature will work with popular video hosting services such as YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace, VKontakte. During the development work PilotGroup.NET developers are going to test Save Flash & Video at more than 100 services.

The renewed Save Flash & Video program website is expected to be compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.

About Pilot Group and Save Flash program
Pilot Group Ltd. Company develops and supports software solutions in different business areas: real estate, online dating, ecommerce, entertainment and others.

PG Save Flash is one of them. It is an easy-to-use program for saving any flash captures, animation, and flash video files from many web sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Ifilm, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc. to your PC. You can easily download, save and manage FLV files. Save Flash is provided as a free to try download for Windows operating system. It supports multi-lingual interface.

Website: http://www.saveflash.com






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