Simple Design Sees Success For Ace Sheds

Released on: July 12, 2012, 11:01 am
Industry: Consumer Services

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- When buying a shed the cost always becomes important but that is probably even more relevant in these times of austerity. The major manufacturers of wooden sheds have realised this and have adapted their market range to suit all pockets and with a little careful selection it is possible to buy a very good shed at a very good price.

The Sussex Pent Garden Shed is one of these designs but it is also one which will help the buyer by giving a good quality shed at a reasonable price. The design is a simple pent shape which means that the front is high and the back lower and the roof is a flat roof sloping down at an angle. To be exact this is not the only configuration possible because it is now possible to configure the modern shed to many different ways. The roof can slope from back to front or front to back or side to side, the door can be put into any side and at either end and the windows can be similarly altered according to the wishes of the purchaser. It requires a little thought to get the best configuration for a person’s garden. While not expensive all the garden sheds have all the woodwork pressure treated for protection against rot and disease, an invaluable feature.

The side panels use feather edge boarding, which while not the strongest is perfectly adequate and will last a long time if looked after, the roof is covered in a green mineral felt and again this will last but may need recovering in due course.

This simple shed design can be bought in a range of sizes from 4 feet x 4 feet up to 14 feet by 8 feet and it is recommended that time is taken to get the best size for the application. The small shed can be ideal to resolve the problem of small scale storage for items only relating to the garden; to the larger wooden summer houses which can also double as a workroom and storage area. Time should be taken to decide on what size and configuration is required, firstly because there are cost differences in the choice and also because firstly it has to be looked at daily for a long time and secondly it needs to be suitable for the purpose for which it has been purchased. Get it right and it becomes an invaluable resource.

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