A solution to roaming charges and second phone abroad: AVO

Wilmington, Delaware, February 25, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — Finally, there is a solution to bill shock, which costs 600 million mobile subscribers over $70 billion every year.

A Moldavian startup, AVO has launched an app, that is proving the easiest way for to avoid mobile roaming charges. Current solutions don’t solve one fundamental problem: mobile customers want to be contacted on the same number abroad they use at home, and don’t pay huge bills for roaming. There are alternatives, but none as easy as the original; being able to dial the same number you would when calling someone in your home country.

A team of telecoms engineers, network experts and software developers set about creating a solution to this problem, resulting in the launch of AVO on the App Store in December 2014 and GooglePlay store in January 2015. Since then, thousands of new active users have been subscribing every month, with many also finding the app is useful at home, in areas where there is poor signal.

How does AVO work?

#1: Download and install the free AVO app from App Store or GooglePlay Store;

#2: Register your details within the app and confirm your mobile number with an automated code AVO sends via text;

#3: Complete set up.

Now you don’t need to worry about roaming costs abroad, it’s enough to buy a local SIM for cheap data or stay connected to Wi-Fi. Receive calls while traveling on your regular mobile number. Plus, you can also make free calls between AVO customers and get cheap international tariffs.

Whether abroad or at home, AVO works when you connect to internet via Wi-Fi or local 3G/LTE SIM. Once connected you can make and receive calls using your mobile, just as you would at home.

What about the EU roaming ban?

Announced as a victory for consumers, there are grave concerns the EU roaming ban will benefit everyone as much as advocates of this policy hope. In the European Union, mobile roaming charges will be banned from June 2017. In the interim, charges for calls, text messages and data will reduce from April 30, 2016, given telecoms operators time to adjust to the new rules.

In theory, this sounds like a big step forward for European customers. But remember, this only applies to EU citizens when traveling around Europe. For most of the world, roaming is still an every day and costly reality for hundreds of millions of people who travel around the world.

Many are saying these changes don’t go nearly far enough. Monique Goyens, director general of the European Consumer Organisation, speaking to The Guardian said, “Allowing companies to limit roaming rights for frequent travellers, for example, is certainly not the promised end of roaming in Europe. A real zero-roaming Europe hinges on a major telecom market reform.”

There are also concerns that network operators will charge tourists in Europe, from other regions more, to make up the difference, or find new ways to generate revenue in domestic markets. European tourists traveling outside the region could also see price hikes as networks seek to recover potential lost revenue in the EU.

AVO: Exciting plans for 2016

Following a year of extraordinary growth, AVO is aiming to raise a seed funding round to continue growing its customer base and develop the product. We have beta trailed our new iOS app design, with a new version due to be launched early in 2016.

During December 2015, we have also signed up two new distribution partners – 2Event and TripCreator, with more planned in the next few months. AVO is also planning a US launch in the first quarter of 2016; all focused on ensuring our customer have the best service possible, anywhere in the world. We are thrilled to have received so much support for our concept, proving that a world without expensive roaming costs, second phones while abroad is possible.

Contact-Details: Alexandru.cebotari@avoapp.com

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