Forward Futures Group Announces The Anticipated Return Of The Gold Commodity Super Cycle

LONDON, April 20, 2016 — /EPR NETWORK/ — In an ongoing effort to continuously educate clients and investors, Forward Futures Group announces today their take on the return of the current gold commodity super cycle along with their company’s specific strategy designed to give investors potential from further price increases.

Forward Futures Group’s CEO, George Pritchard, himself a 25 year veteran of commodity trading, explains it this way, “The recent increase in the price of gold has come to a point where, simply put, it is no longer advisable to ignore the metal’s investment potential. The increase in gold prices of roughly 15% since January causes an investment demand, which in turn increases its value.” When it costs too much to pull the gold out of the ground, workers get laid off and mines can close.

What Pritchard talks about is generally referred to as a ‘Super Cycle.’ After prices drop, as they did in 2013, the market can begin a reversal where prices start to rise. This can result in new all-time highs. Most investors now agree and see the future for gold as ‘extremely bullish’ with unlimited upside potential and very little downside.

“This is really one of the best opportunities of the past 3 years for investors who are interested in getting involved with gold futures,” says Pritchard.

“We’ve had gold price gains since January, and we have good fundamentals in place for a bullish future. That said, we show our clients how to protect their downside with our trading strategies. We allow clients to make money even if the gold prices go down. Now is a great time to make money in gold, and we are showing all of our retail clients, along with our institutional investors, how to make money regardless of which way the market goes.”

“I am continuously surprised as to just how many individuals don’t know that their portfolio should hold gold. In fact, one the most common question perspective clients ask is: ‘What percentage of gold should my portfolio hold?’ Obviously, that has a lot to do with the upside potential expected, but with all things being as they currently are, somewhere around 20% of a balanced portfolio should be in gold,” Pritchard concluded.

Contact-Details: Charles Maninger
Forward Futures Group
London City Point 1, Ropemaker St, London EC2Y 9HT, UK
44 20 7060 6674

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