Musician Alvaro José Fernández Lago releases new single ‘Boundaries’

LONG BEACH, Calif., 2017-May-22 — /EPR Network/ — The composer known as Alvaro José Fernández Lago has released his latest single, “Boundaries.” The track has been released with two accompanying instrumental singles, “Hidden Volcano” and “Training Day” for a total listening time of about 10 minutes. The trio have been proudly published as independent releases outside the influence of the corporate music industry. Textured, sweeping, each bringing as much conflict and resolution as a masterfully written short story, “Boundaries” et al signify that we have much to appreciate in Alvaro José Fernández Lago.

Alvaro José Fernández Lago cites as favorite music artists Eye to Eye, Toto, and Yes among others, all three of whom share Lago’s enthusiasm for synth keyboards. The latter two both composed scores for feature films, another major interest of Lago’s. He also cites as influences Hollywood composers such as Bernard Herrmann (“Psycho”) and Alan Silvestri (“Back to the Future”).

Lago’s own work tends toward the pensive and thought-provoking, like Herrmann’s, rather than the upbeat and warm, like Silvestri’s. He doesn’t shy from dissonance and can form whole movements out of minor chords.

“My pieces tend to be melancholic,” writes Lago, “almost always using slow tempo, trying to develop melodies over the most expressive tones of the orchestral ensemble – but I too like to do more lively things for quartets or on the piano.”
‘Expressive’ is an understatement. Even for classical music, Lago’s work can spool out remarkable narratives using piano alone. Under the David-Lynch-esque writing of Alvaro José Fernández Lago, measures become scenes, movements become acts, compositions become plays.

His pieces even have legitimate themes guiding their trajectories.

“’Boundaries’ talks about the hard, inner barriers we erect against understanding in our lives,” Lago says. “’Hidden Volcano’ regards the sudden emotions and consequences coming from the crude awareness of these barriers. And ‘Training Day’ is a summary of the journey, a plea to dissolve these inner boundaries.”

Alvaro José Fernández Lago has only been composing since 2014, but he’s still managed to publish albums including “Love Time,” “Winter Time,” and “Simple Things,” as well as official singles like “Poem for Italy,” “Childhood,” and his “Homage to Bernard Herrmann.”

He is currently completing an orchestral suite devoted to the stars, planets, and constellations as an tribute to another of his favorites, legendary composer Gustav Holst.

“Boundaries” by Alvaro José Fernández Lago is available from over 700 digital music retailers online worldwide beginning 21 May 2017. Get in early, instrumental fans.

-S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

“Boundaries” by Alvaro José Fernández Lago –é-Fernández-Lago/dp/B071YM6PGZ/

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