Furman Transformation Emerges as First “Growth Agency” in the Technology Sector

Wellington, United States, 2017-Aug-17 — /EPR Network/ — Furman Transformation is an emerging growth hacking agency focused on assisting companies in the technology sector realize their full potential and achieve sustainable growth. The agency offers business consultation and workshops covering key aspects of strategy, planning and problem-solving, with a laser beam focus on accelerating growth and value.

An overwhelming amount of today’s business is powered by computing technology. Almost 55 per cent of large companies in the technology sector use sales technology to manage customer relationships. In the age of web 2.0, marketing innovation has become a discipline in itself, taught in universities and brainstormed at laboratories.

Marketing divisions within technology companies are leveraging automation and data science to identify key customer moments, capture qualified leads, and design creative social media campaigns. Across sales and marketing, a key strategic priority is to always remain customer-centric. They have also come to realize that the best customer advocacy is a sum of different parts: it is driven by technology but requires the commitment and determination of people and teams to achieve the customer-first mission.

In other words, opportunities and challenges exist side by side, requiring a 360 degree approach enabling companies to build skilled sales teams and effective processes, and invest in the right sales technologies. There are more choices than ever before and companies are under stress to take decisions that generate the returns they aspire to, and put them on the path to growth and digital transformation.

Furman Transformation LLC is the first growth agency assisting companies in the technology sector optimize operations before growth happens and envision and implement growth plans. The agency counts companies in the information technology, artificial intelligence (AI), medical, nanotechnology, neuroscience, biotechnology, robotics, and energy sectors/industries among its clients.

The agency offers business consulting services encompassing sales, marketing and operational growth. From goal setting and operational analysis to creating solid sales and marketing foundations, Furman Transformation addresses all aspects of running a company’s core functions and processes. The agency also holds workshops to train teams in areas of sales and account management. The business workshops aim to inspire attendees to break out of their comfort zone and learn new ideas and approaches that make them more effective at what they do. Attendees also view the workshops as a chance to reflect on important topics and conduct self-assessments to take ownership of improvements.

Founder Jonathan Furman is a former digital media and account management executive who brings his leadership expertise and multi-disciplinary acumen to Furman Transformation’s operations. Jonathan believes that companies are embracing innovation, opening up to new business models, leveraging new sales channels, and becoming more flexible in their work strategies, creating a confluence of technology and people centricity that generates value-driven growth. “We are the technology sector’s first growth engine,” he explained. “We coach, mentor and train to help companies set up robust operations before they can actually grow, and both adapt and stay profitable in a disruptive industry.”


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