Fulham Exec to Speak on Clever Lighting Strategies as Building Blocks for Building Automation at Niagara Summit

Fullham’s Russ Sharer to Discuss How Smart LED Luminaire and Sensors for Smart Lighting Deliver on the Promise of Native IoT for Niagara Framework®.

New Orleans, LA, 2018-Apr-11 — /EPR Network/ — Tridum’s Niagara Framework is being recognized as the de-facto standard for building management, providing single-screen control of physical, mechanical and environmental building properties. As the demand for Internet of Things (IoT) compatibility grows as a necessary requirement for controls systems, lighting and their sensors become the ideal data gathering points for IoT analytics, AI and machine learning applications to reveal the “golden nuggets” of business intelligence. That’s the topic that Russ Sharer, Vice President of Global Marketing for Fulham, Co., Inc., will be discussing in a session entitled “Clever Lighting: Leveraging the Power of Niagara to Build the Exoskeleton for IoT” at the Niagara Summit, being held here April 15-17.

In his presentation Sharer will discuss the advent of clever lighting – programmable LED light fixtures with on-board sensors – and how clever lighting can deliver more data directly and natively into the Niagara Framework and, ultimately, IoT systems. Lighting is the most prevalent electrical system in any building, and strategically placed sensors in luminaires can support new control systems based on the movement, behavior, and actions of building occupants. Connecting clever lighting end points provides a cost-effective means to deploy the sensors needed to feed Niagara directly as well as associated IoT systems.

“For too long lighting system have been focused solely on illumination,” said Sharer. “The new generation of clever luminaires with integrated sensors can deliver new types of data to Niagara natively via direct end-point communications. By connecting luminaires and their sensors to Niagara platforms directly, Niagara users will have a system that delivers previously unavailable building information, enhancing the value of Niagara based IoT edge controllers and paving the way for IoT communications.”

Sharer predicts that clever lighting units could be adapted to monitor and manage various building functions. For example, locally installed sensors could also be used to detect heat, humidity, measure air quality to provide additional information to HVAC systems. Information derived from Clever luminaires and sensors could also be used to augment life safety systems. And with the number of luminaries in close proximity in the average commercial building, clever lighting components can be readily connected using wireless technology such as Bluetooth Mesh, which could simplify installing luminaire retrofits to support Niagara building controls.

Fulham is a leading supplier of clever LED lighting components and has been working with partners to promote intelligent lighting by connecting clever luminaires. The company also offers elitedali™, a native DALI Niagara product that can transform any NiagaraAX or Niagara4 platform into an IoT convergent lighting commissioning and control platform.

For more information, visit Fulham Controls at http://www.control-network-solutions.co.uk.

About Fulham
Fulham Co., Inc. is a leading global provider of intelligent, socially-conscious sustainable commercial lighting components and electronics for use in commercial general lighting, parking structure, signage, horticultural, UV and other applications. The company develops and manufactures a variety of award-winning LED and emergency products, as well as legacy products across multiple lighting platforms. Fulham sells its lighting solutions worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and electrical equipment distribution channels. Headquartered in Hawthorne, Calif., the company has sales and/or manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, China, India and the UAE. For more information, visit http://www.fulham.com. @FulhamUSA and @FulhamEurope.

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