The VR Escape Room Series ‘EscapeVR’ is Taking Part in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Both episodes of the series are reduced by 20% for a few days

EscapeVR Trapped Above the Clouds - Lunar New Year Sale

Munich, Germany, 2019-Feb-12 — /EPR Network/ — The VR studio Sourcenity is celebrating Lunar New Year on Steam and reduces the price of both of their VR escape room titles for a few days. Buyers can save 20% from February, 4th till 11th:

Both virtual escape room games offer a room-scale VR experience for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets. The games provide a dozen highly logical puzzles in several rooms, in-game teleporting for playing standing and room scale, savings, and a built-in hint system if players get stuck.

In the first episode ‘The Basement’, the player is locked inside the cell of a basement and must find a way out. At first, only a bed, a toilet, and a few dishes seem within reach.

In the second episode ‘Trapped Above the Clouds’, players are trapped in a wardrobe of a mile high building which is still partly under construction. Only a few people have already moved in, and great parts of the building are still not working as expected.

Players must investigate several areas, find clues, solve logical puzzles, and discover several hundred items that may or may not prove to be useful to escape both buildings.

Reviewers of ‘The Basement’ state that the experience left them “avoiding tables and items in the game as if they were real” as a result of its immersive design. And the online magazine ‘VR the Gamers‘ praised the successor ‘Trapped Above the Clouds’ as “one of the best escape the room games around” with its visuals being “nothing short of spectacular”. Both games can be purchased as a bundle for a further 10% off:

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