The new release of iSmartRecruit Recruitment CRM Software with more powerful features.

New Jersey, USA, 2019-Aug-12 — /EPR Network/ — In this release document, you are going to find all the new updates and new features we added into the system, you also find the changes in UI/UX. iSmartRecruit believes in making recruiters work as easy as possible. So here is the newest version of iSmartRecruit – Applicant Tracking System.

Enhanced Application Layout

We try to improve the UI/UX part to the next level. Overall following adjustments are done in the layout of the system.

– Top menu shifted on the left side menu options.

– All the module management can be done through manage options.

– In the header part, only key icons are displayed.

– All major create operations can be done through plus sign option available in header.


Navigation Link:


Simplify the view of the dashboard and enhanced the visibility of different widgets by adjusting the height and width of the widgets.

Manage Options

You can manage your various stuff through the manage options.

Personal Settings

The personal setting is one of the key aspects of the application and reason being we try to make it more simple and easy to use.

  • Settings
    You can manage your date-time settings and manage your system credentials.
  • Connect
    Connect your Email, Social Media, Twilio accounts in few clicks
  • Templates
    You can customize your Email, SMS & Social media templates.
  • Preferences
    Set your preference for notifications.
  • Batch Report
    Schedule reports so it will directly land in your mailbox on the scheduled time.


Instead of a separate screen of importing resumes, now we accommodate all options of the candidate at one place.

  • Import resume
    Allow user to import resumes or create candidate manually through the system.
  • Grid view
    This is an enhanced view of the candidate showing brief information about the candidate.
    Also, filters are available on the left side which helps you to filter the candidate data very quickly based on the job title, status etc.
  • List view
    This is a regular view of the candidate showing column-wise information about the candidate. The filter also added in this option.
  • Advanced Search
    We try to optimize the look & feel of the advanced search options.
  • More actions
    Now only key actions available on the screen and you can see all other actions by clicking on More Actions option.

The Recruiting CRM Software is now widely used and the main reason behind this is it’s affordable cost, customizable and good customer support.

Active Jobs

Now there are two views available in the system and you can select the view based on your preference.

  • Grid view
    This is a next-generation UI of the job listing where you can see the key details about the job.
  • List view
    This is a detailed layout where you have the flexibility to choose your columns.
  • Job view
    This is a new dialog box created (similar to the candidate) where you can track the information about the job. Added new tabs as well which are as follows:
    • Candidates
      You can find all the candidates related to this job and also there latest status.
    • Interviews
      You can find overall the interviews and their status.
    • Task
      You can create a task for your recruiters for the selected job.
    • Analytics
      You will get analytic for that particular job how many candidates are applying, how many are just viewing the job and with that, you can also get completion/success rate.


The pipeline is the best place to track your candidates who are submitted to the jobs.

  • New layout
    Introduced box design helps the user to see the information in a more clear way.
  • Filters
    Now there are various filters available to filter your data into the system. You can see even candidates of the closed jobs into the system.
  • Show status boxes
    Instead of tracking based on status groups, you wish to track based on the actual candidate status, you can enable the setting. Select the status which you would like to track.

    Click on to the setting icon on the right-hand side corner of the screen and select the last option.

    Select the second option and then drag and drop the stages you want to view on the pipeline screen.

          All the selected statuses will be displayed and it looks like the following.

  • More actions
    Now only key actions available on the screen and you can see all other actions by clicking on More Actions option.

    Only key buttons are visible and the rest of the button case be seen by clicking the “More Actions” button.

It is a challenging part for the hiring professionals to source the best talent so they can streamline their hiring process by using online recruitment software that will automate their entire hiring process quickly.


Now there are two views available in the system and you can select the view based on your preference.

  • Grid view
    Introduced box design helps the user to see the information in a more clear way.
  • List view
    This is the old view but certain adjustments were done.
  • Client view
    You can track all the stuff related to the Client using the client view option. There are various tabs which are as follows:

    • Jobs
      You can view all the jobs related to that particular client.
    • Activity
      You can track all the activities performed upon that particular client.
    • Contacts
      You can view all the contact person information in one place.
    • Task
      You can assign tasks to your recruiters to perform certain actions over clients into the system.


You can manage all the recruitment vendors through the vendor management system.

  • Grid view
    Introduced box design helps the user to see the information in a more clear way.
  • List view
    This is the old view but certain adjustments were done.
  • Vendor view
    You can track all the stuff related to the Vendor using the vendor view option.


You can manage your sales pipeline through lead management module.

  • Grid view
    Introduced box design helps the user to see the information in a more clear way.
  • List view
    This is the old view but certain adjustments were done.
  • Lead view
    You can track all the stuff related to the Lead using the lead view option.

Talent Pool

Talent Pool is the best place to organize your candidates in different folders.

  • Talent Pool List
    Here is the enhanced view of the talent pool listing. You can filter the talent pool using the search option.
  • Talent Pool Detail
    Here is the enhanced view of talent pool detail where you can track all the candidates available in the talent pool.

Two-step verification using OTP

Two-step verification is a great feature to enhance the security part. Once you log in, the system is going to send the OTP on your email. Once you enter the correct OTP, the system will allow you to proceed further.

Knockout Screening Questions

Knockout question is a great way to pre-screen your candidates automatically against the configured question-answers. If the candidate fails against the knockout questions, the system will send the rejection email automatically. In a nutshell, the recruiter can save their valuable time by setting up the accurate knockout screening questions.

  • Configuration
    You can configure the knockout question while creating your job. Just select the option as knockout and mark the correct question.
  • Example
    We set up a screening question like “Do you ready to relocate to London?” and you mark the correct answer as “Yes”. If any candidate answers the question to “No” then the system is going to auto-reject the candidate and rejection email will be sent to the candidate.
  • Rejection Email
    For rejection email, “Auto Reject Email” will be used. You can edit the template using the following option.

Questionnaire Management

Now you can create a different questionnaire to pre-screen your candidate very easily. Each questionnaire contains multiple questions which can be asked to the candidate for pre-screening.

  • Create
    The following are the steps to be performed to create the questionnaire.

    Step 1: Go to the Manage -> “Manage Questionnaire” option.
    Step 2: Click on Add Questionnaire option.
    Step 3: To add questions click on “Add Questions” option and select the question type from the drop-down.


  • Send the questionnaire to Candidate
    If you wish to send the questionnaire to the candidate you can perform the following steps.

Step 1

Open candidate view dialogue from search, pipeline or any other option.

Step 2

Click on the Send email option. Select the mark to send the questionnaire so questionnaire drop down will appear. Select the appropriate questionnaire so the link will be added under the email body.

  • Check answers of the questionnaire
    To check the answers of the questionnaire, you can go to the Candidate dialog box and open the screening tab. If screening tab option is not visible, just click on the more options on the right side of the dialog.

Jobs Screening Questions

We have enhanced the screening question part.

  • View Answers
    Now you can see candidate wise answers of questions.
  • Create Screening Questions
    Now you can select the questionnaire to add the questions in one go. All the questionnaire questions will be added in the screening question list. You can remove unwanted questions or add a new one in case you wish.

New job board integrations

To promote your jobs more aggressively we integrated with following new job boards.

Batch/Scheduled Report

Now you can schedule your reports so it will be automatically delivered in your mailbox on the scheduled time. The report will be sent in excel format.

  • Configuration
    You just select the report and email addresses on which you wish to have the report.
  • Example
    Here is a sample report email for your reference.

Last login history

Now you can check the last login history as and when it is required.

Talent Pool – Send SMS Option

Now you can send SMS to candidates directly from the talent pool.

Mass Interview

Many upon a time it’s very tedious to set up the individual interviews. To overcome this challenge, we introduced a feature of mass interviews where you can create multiple interviews in one go. This is mainly useful for entry-level positions.

Self-service interview

Now it is possible to suggest some slots of the interview to the candidate and let candidate suggest the best suitable slot out of the proposed slot list.

  • You can create a self-service interview using the following option.
  • Here is how it looks in email. The email contains a link which can show the proposed slots of the interview.

Candidate Duplicate Check

We enhanced the duplicate detection algorithm of the candidate. Now it is not just checking for an email address but also considering the contact number. It is mainly useful when you try to import resume which doesn’t contain the email address.

Employee Management

You can manage your employee information through the system. This employee database will be used to run the employee referral campaign through the system.

Step:1 Go to Manage

Step:2 Add Employee

Employee Referral Management

You can run the employee referral management campaign through the system.

  • Run campaign
    While creating a job, when you reach to advertise option, you will see an option “Run Referral Campaign”. When you click on this, an email will be sent to all the employees with a link. On click of the link, the employee can submit the referral. If the employee wishes to share the position on their social media channel or at other places, simply link sharing works.
  • Here is how the campaign email looks like
  • You can customize the email template from the email template option.

Candidate Scorecard
You can rate your candidate against different skills and prepared a scorecard. It is a great process if you prepare the scorecard of each candidate when they enter into the system.


  • Set scorecard
    Here is how you can set up a scorecard of the individual candidate.
  • Display
    Average score value will be calculated and it will be showcased as a star rating.

MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is one of the leading email campaign providers. Now you can connect your MailChimp account with iSmartRecruit and start exporting contacts from iSmartRecruit to MailChimp.

  • Configuration
    Here is how you can connect your MailChimp account.
  • Send contacts to Mailchimp
    You can select one or more candidates and send it to MailChimp account.


An administrator can enable the setting in system configuration which helps the recruiter to get the notification about consent expiry.

Candidate Recruitment Billing

Capture candidate billing fees. You can enter the value of billing fees into the system.

Interviewer Photo

Now you can manage the interviewer pic within the system.

Time to Hire Report

This report helps you to track the time your processes took to complete the hiring. Time to hire will be calculated based on the application received date and applicant hired for the job. Time to fill will be calculated based on the job created date and applicant hired for the job.

Employee Referral Report

This is a great report to see the performance of your referral program. You can see the candidates submitted by your employee and what is their status. This report also going to help you to reward the employee who referred the right candidate and got hired.

GDPR Report

This is the best report to track the status of the GDPR consent request.

If you have any query then please let us know on or visit:

About iSmartRecruit

We provide recruitment tool that helps recruiters and corporate HRs to easily manage and transform their way of recruitment. We are the global players serving in 25+ countries, we frequently upgrade our tool as per the market needs and always appreciate our clients, prospects suggestions and we try our best to implement it.


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