The Clearwater Community Volunteers Recognizes Volunteer Appreciation Day

In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Day on September 13th, the Clearwater Community Volunteers publicly thanked their volunteers for their help in creating a united community. On 8 February 2020, before the COVID 19 pandemic, volunteers at the CCV Center gathered for a group photo after completing a supply drive for a Girl Scouts Troop. Currently the Center is maintaining CDC prevention protocols, including using face masks to protect its guests, and undergoes a thorough decontamination process daily.

Clearwater, FL, 2020-Sep-10 — /EPR Network/ — In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Day, which falls on September 13th, the Clearwater Community Volunteers (CCV) thanked its volunteers for their efforts toward uniting community-oriented individuals and nonprofits in Clearwater. Since the opening of their community center in March of 2018, CCV’s volunteers have hosted over 2,200 volunteer activities and charitable or community events with over 16,000 people attending these activities at their Clearwater center.

“Volunteers, using their own time, seek to tackle the problems that occur in our own backyards.” said Michael Soltero, Manager of the CCV Center. “Without our volunteers we would not be able to achieve the things we do. It’s only with their help that we can unite nonprofit organizations, helping them form partnerships with like-minded groups. All of this is key to forming a grassroots movement to handle such things as hungry children or a polluted environment.”

By way of example, the volunteers of CCV and other nonprofits completed a community clean-up in a Clearwater Community and volunteered their time at a drive-through food distribution to help over 200 families in July this year.

The CCV Center encourages other nonprofits to show their appreciation for their volunteers’ support in addressing a societal problem.

“Nonprofits and volunteers are the ones, after all, who set the example and lead the way towards improvement for others. As humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard wrote: ‘There are many people one influences. The influence can be good or it can be bad. Others around one cannot help but be influenced by this, no matter what they say.’” said Soltero. “To our volunteers, we cannot thank you enough for what you do to help improve our neighborhoods.”

Nonprofits can utilize the CCV Center for their board meetings, community events for families and even fundraisers, if the charity is eligible to solicit funds.

Volunteers who are looking for opportunities to donate their time can contact the CCV Center directly to get help finding a local charity in need some additional hands.

To find out more information about the Clearwater Community Volunteers Center please call Michael Soltero at (727) 316-5309 or email

About the Clearwater Community Volunteers: The Clearwater Community Volunteers have over 28 years of community service under their belt with over 200,000 families and children helped since their founding in 1992. Sponsored by the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, they stay true to their reputation of helping others with their center located on the corner of Fort Harrison Avenue and Drew Street in downtown Clearwater.

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