EmpMonitor Rolls Out Insider Threat And Data Breach Prevention Solution To Tackle Sharp Increase Of Insider Hazards In 3-D Designing & Printing Industries

empMonitor-rolls-out-insider-threat-and-data-breach -prevention-solution-to-tackle-sharp-increase-of-insider -hazards-in-3D-designing-printing-industries

Bengaluru, India, 2020-Oct-20 — /EPR Network/ — EmpMonitor, a prominent employee productivity management solution, lately announced its unique ability to detect and resolve security breaches among designing industries. 

Among the various negative consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of designing and knitting based organizations have often seen complaining about data loss trouble. EmpMonitor aims to provide them with excellent threat detection facilities that can get rid of even nerve-wracking issues in no time.

“Though every sector has been encountering severe challenges since the beginning of the current year, most of the data breach complaints we reported were from industries like advanced printing, 3D designing, knitting, and alike. In this context, our team has made notable changes in the software and also integrated stunning elements to deal with insider hazards.” says the senior CTO at EmpMonitor. 

“We look forward positively to helping numerous companies, including world-renowned and small business”, He further commented.

EmpMonitor currently handles multiple clients from designing niches. From snooping employees’ desktop to keeping an eye on data transfer between devices, the powerful software makes entire efforts that are crucial to prevent unforeseen data troubles.

EmpMonitor is now available to accept new subscriptions, especially from the designing & digital printing sectors. The company plans to extend its business and spread legs worldwide through a legit preventive approach. 

Glimpses Of EmpMonitor’s Significant Specificities

  1. Helps manager (and sub-managers) to get a detailed view of ongoing projects that display over everyone’s screen at once.
  2. Employees can’t make any changes or stop the tracking process manually to escape surveillance.
  3. Admin gets the freedom to set fixed hours when tracking is indeed needed. It assists in precision.
  4. Real-time workers monitoring avoid sudden malicious activities by recording actions every second.
  5. Automatically determine, warn, and block suspicious activities with strategic risk management analytics. Meanwhile, it captures screenshots to provide a shred of solid evidence. 

About the Company

EmpMonitor is no longer a new name in the industry. It has a knack for sound employee monitoring, productivity tracking, insider threat management, and data loss prohibition. These features together make this software a blessing for all sizes of businesses. Check out more about EmpMonitor at homepage.

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