What are the surgical options for lymphedema?

San Diego, CA, 2021-Apr-30 — /EPR Network/ — A huge network of lymph channels lies just under the skin, helping to rid the body of poisons, waste, and other unnecessary materials. These vessels, which are part of the lymphatic system, pump fluid from lymph nodes and then transport the cleaned fluid around the body, which now contains infection-fighting white blood cells. Lymphedema is a disease in which there is an excessive accumulation of this fluid in some portion of the body, but most commonly in the arms and legs. Swelling of the arms or legs is the most common sign of lymphedema.We are offering the best Lymphatic Therapy Services san Diego and Lymphedema Therapist san Diego, at beautykliniek.com.

Lymphatic Bypass Procedures, in which lymphatic vessels are connected and drained into the body’s venous system, and Vascularized Lymph Node Transplant, in which lymph nodes are harvested from one part of the body and surgically inserted in the affected area to rebuild a collapsed system, are two surgical treatment options for lymphedema.As lymphedema is diagnosed, nonsurgical treatment such as extremity raising, skin care, elastic stockings, physical therapy, and pneumatic compression equipment is started as soon as possible. Moreover, we are leading the era of breast cancer lymphedema treatment San Diego and lymphatic services for dercums San Diego.

What Are the Lymphedema Stages?

To begin, determining what level of lymphedema you have based on your symptoms. Your doctor will assist you in determining which stage you are in and tailoring treatment or surgical solutions to your specific needs.

1st Stage:

Lymphatic system flow is irregular.

You don’t have any signs or symptoms.

2nd Stage:

Swelling and fluid retention.

When you elevate the infected leg or body part, the swelling goes out.

It’s possible that pressing on the area could result in a dent.

Stage 3:

Permanent swelling that does not go away when you elevate the affected area.

Pressing on the area no longer leaves a dent.

Scarring and thickening of the skin can be seen.

What are the Surgical Choices for Lymphedema?

You could be a candidate for surgery if the lymphedema worsens despite medical attention. Your doctor will discuss multiple choices with you, including:

Liposuction: As lymphatic fluid escapes into the outer tissues, it can induce inflammation and promote the growth of fat stem cells. Your surgeon will strip the excess fat that lymphedema has produced. Liposuction for lymphedema is usually performed as an outpatient treatment with a quick recovery.

Lymphatic venous anastomosis (also known as lymph venous bypass): The surgeon reroutes your lymphatic pathway using microsurgical procedures and tools.

Lymph venous transplant (vascularized lymph node switch surgery): The surgeon transplants a collection of lymph nodes from a healthier region of the body to the affected region, essentially rewiring the lymphatic system. It is an inpatient treatment that includes a few days of recovery before returning to daily activities.

The Charles technique (skin grafts) entails scraping affected tissue and using a portion of it as skin grafts to restore the area. After skin grafts, you’ll need to take extra care of the surgery site, and it may take up to a month to resume regular activities. People who are looking for Dercums Disease Treatment San Diego and best lymphedema San Diego, for those beautykliniek.com is the best spot to hit.


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