Tables, Rows, Columns: Novum Releases Basic Word Training Course For Document Formatting

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Sydney, Australia, 2021-Apr-30 — /EPR Network/ — MS Word is arguably the most promising word processing tool for professionals today, especially for lawyers, secretaries, and document specialists who always need to draft long, organized, and structured documents. 

One of MS Word’s most valuable tools for organizing documents is its tables. Users of MS Word may say that it’s fairly easy to create, format, and design a table in the application. However, Novum Learning, as a microlearning platform that addresses skill gaps, has to disagree. MS Word tables may be common elements beginners can easily understand, but one still needs to fully understand their foundations, abilities, and potentials to utilize them effectively. This can be done through word training. 

For this reason, Novum Learning launched Back to Basics: Setting Up Tables in MS Word, a short online course that can teach professionals and beginners the basics of creating, formatting, and designing word tables.  

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Why Professionals Need to Know the Basics of Setting Up Tables in MS Word 

Professionals who constantly draft documents know that MS word tables are the best way to organize data and information in a logical manner. A simple list won’t do if there is more data involved. Tables allow for better separation of content into columns and rows, and the best way to maximize their uses is to go back to the basics.

Further, basic word training on setting up tables can expedite the process of formatting data and information, allowing professionals to spend more time on other essential aspects of the document and produce more documents in a day. 

What Can You Get From ‘Back to Basics: Setting Up Tables in MS Word’

Novum Learning’s Back to Basics: Setting Up Tables in MS Word is a 30-minute online microlearning course with six modules. It’s the first foundational course from a planned three-session MS Word tables masterclass of the microlearning platform, which aims to help professionals begin their journey to mastering the basics of MS Word through word training

Novum Learning wants to help professionals, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy, realize that MS word tables are not obstacles in understanding document formatting. Instead, they can be useful tools in creating a sound document structure. As such, this online word training course aims to teach professionals the following:  

  1. How to set up tables correctly in a short amount of time
  2. Use shortcuts to adjust rows and columns in word tables
  3. Make long tables easy to navigate across multiple pages
  4. Move tables between pages without breaking the existing format
  5. Insert new or formatted texts into tables with confidence 

Whether you use MS Word to draft legal documents or create presentations, this online course will help you transform text-heavy content into a professional-looking document. Novum Learning promises that you’ll understand one of the most useful tools of MS word better by the end of this course.

Visit Novum Learning’s list of courses to find more online courses that can help you master MS Word and its tools. If you want to dwell more on tables, columns, and rows, upgrade your skills through Novum’s MS Word table masterclass.  

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