Food recipes by Argiro Barbarigou. The Greek chef.

Food recipes by Argiro Barbarigou. The Greek chef. Food recipes by Argiro Barbarigou. The Greek chef.

Paros, Greece, 2021-Sep-08 — /EPR Network/ — Argiro Barbarigou In the mid-90’s she opened her first restaurant, Papadakis in Paros to great acclaim, luring megayachts, locals and tourists in search of Argiro’s farm-to-fabulous, sea-to-sensational dishes served up at the water’s edge of Naoussa’s picturesque port. It was there in Paros that she found her core ideal ‘Nothing compares to a Greek mothers, cooking.It is these ideals that she has shared with Greeks through her cooking, her books, her restaurants and TV shows and it is her greatest goal to export this ethos to the globe.

From there she’d expand her gastronomical prowess by studying French cuisine in London and Paris. Today that culinary journey culminates at her second wildly successful Papadakis restaurant, set at the foothills of Mt. Lycabettus in the heart of Athens. She has represented both Greece and the European Union in countless events, ranging from cooking for Congress, to Ambassadoring South Aegean Mediterranean Cuisine at the 32nd Annual Chefs Tribute of the James Beard Foundation, Meal on Wheels NY.

For a chance to try some of her famous traditional recipesπαραδοσιακες συνταγες, see below. Enjoy the process of making them. 

Children are going to love this process. Get in the kitchen with them and prepare some of their favourite foods. Start making sweet and savoury recipes, following the steps from Argiro recipes for sure success.

I recommend sharing a recipe for tzatziki- Τζατζικι because it’s super easy but also famous all over the world. This simple recipe of tzatziki  iι is full of flavor, easy to make with your children and makes the perfect side dish. A few ingredients are all it takes.

Try with them also a classic recipe for Sunday dinner which is braised beef- μοσχαρακι κοκκινιστο. We all remember Sundays with our families and on the table a plate of this meal – μοσχαρι κοκκινιστο – with macaroni.

Try also to make a recipe that will always be successful and for all tastes. Potato salad with mayonnaise – πατατοσαλατα με μαγιονεζα..

 To make a perfect and creamy potato salad- πατατοσαλατα , all you need is mayonnaise and potatoes. Potato salad  is delicious on its own, or as a sandwich topper, so double the portion because no matter how much you make it’s never enough!

Dessert has always been the best part of any meal. Teach your kids how to make sweet and tasty recipes- συνταγες για γλυκα, like cakes- κεικ , cookies, and candy so that they can create a beautiful memory with you. All you have to do is choose whichever cake recipe- συνταγη για κεικ , you prefer and follow Argiro’s advice for guaranteed success! Your guests will enjoy themselves from all the sweetness on their plates because when something tastes this good it makes them “talk themselves silly.”

Do you love chocolate cake- κεικ σοκολατας, or the vanilla-chocolate one- κεικ βανιλια σοκολατα,  that everyone loves? Do you want plain cake- κεικ απλο, or orange musk cake- κεικ πορτοκαλι ? Then the recipes of Argiro Barbarigou will show you all the steps. They are all so delicious. I love them!

Orange pie- πορτοκαλοπιτα,  is a simple Greek dessert that will easily become your favourite. Argyro’s recipe for orange pie – συνταγη για πορτοκαλοπιτα, introduces ingredients like fresh lemon juice, nuts and cinnamon which make it stand out from the rest! 

If you don’t have much time left, but want to make a dessert,  try the recipe for Argyro’s orange pie. That’s why it’s called “ lazy orange pie” – η πορτοκαλοπιτα της τεμπελας!

 And when the house will be full of smells, do not forget the recipe that characterizes Christmas in Greece. One of the best Christmas recipes is the Christmas honey cookies –  μελομακαρονα. This divine recipe for Christmas honey cookies – συνταγη για μελομακαρονα, comes with many secrets to keep, and it’s truly worth sharing!

The Greek Christmas treat is a must-have for the holidays. It’s an easy recipe to make and can be enjoyed in many ways!

The best food is the kind that brings back memories. Create great moments with your children by giving them an open mind to creative cuisine and bringing out their inner chef! The belief I hold onto is very simple: beauty can be found in simplicity, but creativity takes us on a beautiful journey where everything comes together perfectly!

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