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Dubai, UAE, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — Immigration is the migration of individuals to a target nation of which they are not locals or where they don’t have citizenship. It particularly refers to permanent occupants or naturalized residents, or sometimes it can include transient labourers.

There are many reasons people choose to immigrate from their country to other countries like CanadaAustraliaNew Zealand or places in Europe. In this article, we will explore the main reasons of immigration.

There are many reasons why people choose to immigrate.

Top reasons for immigration

1) To Escape Conflict Zones

There are many areas in the world where there are wars and other conflicts. Peace loving individuals often escape such places to find shelter in the more peaceful countries. This is especially true if they feel their life and the lives of their family members could be under threat in their current location, so they have a strong motivation to migrate to a safer, more secure country.

2) Due To Environmental Factors

Often, the climate changes and natural disasters like flood or draught in their country forces people to migrate to other countries where the environment could be better. Also, increasing air and water pollution could motivate people to move abroad.

3) To Escape Poverty

Countries like USA, Canada, U.K., New Zealand and Australia provide excellent opportunities for jobs. Many people from countries with much lower per-capita GDP find the pay-scale in these countries unmatched in their origin country. The opportunities and thriving economies of these countries make them a hotbed for job-seekers who want to escape poverty and improve the quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.


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