How to provide the best care to your Aging Parents?

Charlottesville, VA, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — Your aging parents need a lot of love, attention, and care. Your parents loved you, cared for you, and kept you safe when you needed it. Now, it’s your turn to do the same for them.

Here are some simple tips to take care of your aging parents and make sure they are safe and healthy.

Healthy Food

Healthy food is important for a person’s overall well-being, regardless of age. However, a nutritious diet becomes even more important as we grow older. Seniors may have special dietary requirements or may need supplements to make up for nutritional deficiencies. If your aging loved ones can’t manage their own diet, you may need to hire a professional caregiver who can help them with meal prep, cooking and ensure they are getting the right diet.

Good Sleep

Many seniors battle with sleeping issues and insomnia. You can help your loved ones sleep better by making sure their bed and their room is comfortable, cool, and quiet.

Physical activity

Regular exercise is very important for your aging parents. Physical activity ensures that seniors remain active, boosts metabolism, improves mood and even alleviates mental health issues. Let them choose the form of physical activity they like. It can vary from light walks around the neighborhood to yoga sessions. Check with their doctor and/or physical therapist for any restrictions.

Engage them in new things

One of the biggest challenges older people face is loneliness. Help your elderly parents engage in interesting activities. From gardening to local community reading groups, there are a lot of options they can choose from. Another important thing is to allow your senior loved ones to socialize. Visit them as often as you can, call them, or write to make them feel connected and supported. It can do wonders for their mental health.

Regular checkups

Ensure that your elderly parents get regular health checkups to make sure they are taking the right

medications, the right diet, and to catch any physical health issues in time.

Improve home and bathroom safety

While home safety is an important aspect of senior care, bathrooms are the most hazardous places for older people. To prevent accidents and falls, install adequate lighting, and grab bars and handrails for support, especially for seniors with mobility issues. Place anti-slip mats to avoid slips and falls. Bath lifts can help seniors enjoy relaxing baths without worrying about how to safely get in and out of the bath. These devices also help them stay independent, which is critical for their mental well-being.

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