Interiors Design Ideas for Small & Medium Size Home

Dubai, UAE, 2021-Sep-22 — /EPR Network/ — Interior designs of each house is also different from one another; it would be even more unique and creative if you can make a villa as your own living space. There may be plenty pictures of exterior design on the internet, but how about interior design?

If you are planning to build or renovate your home into a luxurious villa, there are some creative ideas by the best Villa interior design company that might be useful for your project. Here they are:

One–Storey Villa Design with Swimming Pool

  Exterior Designs

This type of villa is great since the pool will become an additional outdoor space for sunbathing and swimming. You can place this pool somewhere near the flowing garden so the sound of water can be very relaxing.

Living Room

Since the villa is spacious, you don’t have to put too many pieces of furniture inside. Only few chairs and dining table are enough for this type of interior design, but do not forget about sofa because it will be necessary for various activities such as watching TV or chatting with our family there. Have a luxurious rug on the floor to make your living room more comfortable.


You may want to choose kitchen island as your working corner since you’ll be needing some extra space on your countertop. Also place plenty cabinet there, so that you could save all of your cooking equipment inside it instead of leaving them out on the benchtop where they might dirty up your work space.

Also, you can contact the best Villa interior design company to redesign your kitchen with amazing interior styles.


Make sure you put your bedside table next to the window because it will be very romantic if you can see the beautiful surrounding when you are laying down on your large comfortable mattress. Besides, putting wardrobe there would be easier since the space is large enough for storing different types of clothes.

Dining Room & Dining Table

You should place your dining room near your kitchen; this way, people who are cooking could still enjoy chatting with other family members. It’s better to use round shaped table to make small or medium size villa look more spacious . Having nice chandelier above the table would also improve the overall appearance of this type of interior design .

2–Storey Villa Design with Two Swimming Pools

Interiors Design Ideas for Large Size Home

This type of villa needs more rooms because it has 2 floors. There will be a large living room with modern sofa set, kitchen island and maybe even luxurious dining room inside this interior design . The stairs would also become the main focal point in this type of house design.


Since it’s a two-storey home, you need to choose different colors for each floor. For the first floor, the color must be light since it seems brighter when you are looking at something that is placed below your eyes level. On the other hand, try not to use bright color on second storey because it might make it look petite if you do so. The bedroom should have darker theme with large bed and wardrobe to make it look spacious, but do not forget about the beautiful view from your bedroom.

Kitchen & Kitchen Island

Place the kitchen island near one of the corners so you can have enough cabinet space on both sides of this countertop. If possible, choose wooden material for your cabinets because they will be able to blend in nicely with villa interior design .

Living Room

You should place some large sofa set inside the living room because the first floor needs more activities than second storey does. Perhaps, you could put a round table right under the chandelier, then fill up that empty space next to it with potted plant or flower vase. Choose light color furniture that has dark pattern on it to make this type of interior design looks more elegant.


Designing villa bathroom should be easy because the house has large space where you can place many furniture inside. But, make sure you choose luxury bathtub and sink for this room because it will become your favorite place in whole home after a long day at work. You could even put a glass wall if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside while taking a bath .

Interiors Design Ideas for One Storey Villa

  Exterior Designs

This type of homes doesn’t have much space around them, but that also means they are easier to maintain without worrying too much about their landscape. Make sure you plant some flowers or trees near the entrance so people who visit your home could enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Living Room

Since this type of villa has large space around it, you could put an outdoor sofa set on the other side of house next to pool . This way, there will be enough room for everyone to join their favorite activities without having to squeeze together. The best Interior design consultants Dubai design ideas for one storey house should also have spacious living room with big table that can easily accommodate all family members.


Choose modern theme for bathroom so it will look sleek and clean. Put some plants inside this small room right under window so you could enjoy green view while taking a bath or brushing teeth at morning . All furniture must blend nicely with rest of home exterior design, so avoid too much colors and patterns because it will ruin whole appearance of this type of house design.

Kitchen & Kitchen Island

You might have to sacrifice small space for kitchen, but that is okay because one storey villa still has enough room for you to have nice kitchen island with many cabinets . The countertop must be made from modern material since it will merge nicely with contemporary look inside your home. Also make sure you choose dark color theme for your interior design because dark colors are perfect choices for smaller rooms.


Since you cannot put many things inside bedroom, make sure this room looks elegant and classy. Try to place some white carpet on the floor so the room would look more spacious, then use light color bed sheet because it will give impression that there is a lot of window inside your bedroom.

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