How Alice B Wilder Is Conquering Shame and Online Censorship For Self-Love

New York, NY, 2021-Nov-18 — /EPR Network/ — New York-born artist and entrepreneur, Alice B Wilder is touring the United States with her four-foot-tall neon vulva, a self-portrait, hosting pop-up art shows in parks and on street corners, and having public discussions about shame, self-love, and pleasure. In response to challenges with social media censorship and having her accounts deleted, Wilder decided to take her art directly to the public.

“Until I looked at myself with a hand mirror I thought my vulva was gross. I was embarrassed and ashamed, and couldn’t understand why my partner loved it so much. Now, I want to help other women realize that all of our vulvas are different and beautiful and that there’s power in that. This tour is about starting conversations,” Wilder says. “When I show my neon vulva in public, people feel comfortable asking thoughtful questions, and we can dive straight into deep conversations about shame, and sexuality right out in public where people normally don’t talk about those things.”

So far, Alice and her partner Forest have traveled over 6000 miles with the four-foot-tall neon sign. The couple has set up and deconstructed the free-standing neon sculpture in 15 different public parks, hotels, and cities including Washington Square Park, Asbury Park Boardwalk, Philadelphia’s Love Park, and Joshua Tree National Park. She also exhibited her vulva at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in October.

“Alice’s piece was different, refreshing, and distinct. We knew it would stand out amongst the other art in the Festival, and seeing it in-person took my breath away. The neon glow was unctuous and a definite mood-setter when walking through the front door of Exhibition Hall.” Brodin Petrichor, Juror, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival

Alice’s website, features a gallery of her digital neon portraits all based on real people, as well as an online print shop and gift store where she sells stickers, apparel, and coffee mugs with her neon genital designs. Despite being denied the ability to connect her online store to Instagram, or use any of Meta’s advertising services, Alice B. Wilder says she’s not giving up. She has set up a Gofundme campaign with a goal of ten thousand dollars to help fund her neon vulva collection. She hopes to eventually take the collection on a world tour to show people how unique and beautiful every vulva is. Those who wish to contribute can visit


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ABOUT Genital Electric

Genital Electric is the world’s first custom neon vulva company. Founded by artist Alice B. Wilder, the aim of Genital Electric is to promote self-love by conquering the shame and embarrassment of our natural human bodies by illuminating them in neon.

Contact Alice B Wilder

For interviews or photos please contact Alice B Wilder by email or phone at or (518) 232-7018


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