Whiz Consulting Launches Business Advisory Services for Small Businesses

New Delhi, India, 2021-Dec-20 — /EPR Network/ — Whiz Consulting is a well-known and established accounting and bookkeeping company offering professional services to small, medium, and large-scale businesses in the United States. Recently, they have launched business advisory servicesfor firms operating at a low level in the US. Since small companies struggle to make ends meet with limited resources in their possession, hiring an outsourcing company to bring in their expertise and consult them regarding vital business areas might seem unnecessary and a wastage of money. However, flexible guidance from professional firms can help such firms pass through any situation smoothly. According to the sources at Whiz Consulting, “Our research and analysis of the market told us that small firms are reluctant to spend their money on business advisory services because they deem it unnecessary and something they can do themselves. However, there are numerous nuances that they forget to pick while making a crucial decision like a merger. Every service has a unique value when our experts carry them out for you.”  


The recently released small  business advisory services package by Whiz Consulting includes the following:  


  • Strategy advising:  


Their services include giving a competitive edge to small businesses by conducting a SWOT analysis and other techniques to launch new products, open departments, create roles, and expand into new markets. Since the scope of business strategies is pretty broad, they work alongside owners to focus on the bigger picture and provide helpful advice.  


  • Financial advising:  


Their financial business advisory servicesinclude: 

  • Financial health checks. 
  • Mitigating business risks. 
  • Creating models to analyze every opportunity and its feasibility. 
  • Selecting suitable accounting software. 
  • Several other areas. 

They study previous trends and apply industry-grade patterns for safe resource allocation. Managing portfolio investment plans and maintaining healthy ROI is their top priority.  


  • Management advising: 


Management advisory and consultancy include heading the operations department and guiding them to solve complex issues. They help small firms improve their performance, address the big picture and problems, and strategically plan consultancy for the operation department to execute their operations smoothly.  


  • Tax advising: 


Since tax is a necessary expense a business must pay to the government, the business advisory servicesby Whiz Consulting focuses on claiming maximum tax benefits, deductions and complying with the authorities on time. They take care of the tax forms, and CPA services resolve potential tax issues by talking to the officials on the company’s behalf. They bring efficiency to the tax management process with their expertise.  


  • Legal management: 


Whether big or small, every business needs a legal department or an on-call person to handle statutory compliance. Whiz Consulting offers flexible legal business advisory servicesthat include: 

  • Counselling for internal conflicts 
  • Negotiating legal contracts with external parties 
  • Compliance with appropriate laws 
  • Conducting legal analysis and search 
  • Evaluating acquisitions, mergers, and negotiations and their legal implications to the business 
  • Settling disputes legally 
  • Incorporating legal clauses and policies within the company 


“ Our expertise, knowledge, and vast experience in dealing with numerous clients help us face any challenge without any hassle. We ensure our customers do not face any difficulty with the legal authorities and guide them at every step,” said the senior executive at Whiz Consulting.  


  • IT advisory: 


They help firms set up suitable accounting software and infrastructure developments accordingly. They introduce cloud accounting with the highest level of data security to ensure small businesses do not have to fear risking their data online. They provide that firms do not unnecessarily spend on infrastructure setup and migration and get optimum benefits. By minimizing the time for return on investment of software, they boost the productivity of small businesses.  


About Whiz Consulting: 


Whiz Consulting is a premium virtual accounting and bookkeeping services provider that focuses on bringing flexibility and scalability to the company’s operations. Their accounting expertise spreads across various industries and manages the operations of every scale business with efficiency and accuracy.  

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