Watt Roofing Launches Excellent Collections of Various Types of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Auckland, NZ, 2022-May-25 — /EPR Network/ — Watt Roofing, a well-known name in the roofing industry of Auckland, has launched excellent collections of various types of asphalt shingle roofs at a reasonable cost. The types will vary depending on the base material, designs and colour, so the people of Auckland will now have an alluring range of collections to choose from. This move has been well-received by the people of New Zealand interested in getting asphalt shingles for their houses as now they will be able to choose according to their taste, aesthetic value and need. The company ensures that they will keep a reasonable rate so now people can have access to these latest collections without having to shed loads of money.


The company informed that it upgrades its services from time to time and always provides top-quality products for maximum customer satisfaction. Asphalt shingle is made of asphalt, granules, fibreglass (or cellulose), and sealants. These shingles are fairly durable and less expensive, with easy installation and low maintenance costs. With good fire resilience (more in fibreglass base material), these are an excellent choice for the fire-prone area. They have a good reflective surface which makes them suitable for hot weather. They have a high fastener full through resistance with a strong adhesive bond strength that is great in withstanding strong winds. With designs made according to specific weather conditions, some manufacturers even provide algae resistance options to prevent any algae growth.


The Excellent Collection of various types of Asphalt Shingle Roofs launched by Watt Roofing will be available from 24th May 2022.


Watt Roofing offers reliable services like repair, re-roofing, and replacement of roofs. The company already has a loyal customer base and, with this step, aims to reach more people in New Zealand. There are various types of asphalt shingles like organic and fibreglass, depending on their base material. They can be architectural shingles, three-tab shingle or luxury shingles based on their pattern and design. They can differ in colour, such as grey, brown, green and blue. The installation of new roof and old roof replacement with Watt Roofing’s excellent collection of various types of asphalt shingle roofs will be available for booking from their website [their website].


About the Company


Watt Roofing, a popular name in Auckland, has some great collections of roof materials with new-age style and design. The company provides re-roofing, roof replacement, repairing, and other such roof-related services in and around Auckland. As they have many years of experience in the roofing industry of New Zealand, they understand the needs and choices of the people. And as Watt Roofing launched the excellent collection of various types of asphalt shingle roofs, they have proved this point perfectly. With an aim to provide customer satisfaction and a systematic approach, the company has gained a loyal base of customers. The company has always maintained a result-oriented, focused, and customer-friendly approach toward their customers and prospects.


For More Information:


PR Contact Name- Watt Roofing

Phone Number- 0800990033

Email- office@wattroofing.co.nz 


Check out their website for more information on all of their services.


Website- https://wattroofing.co.nz/


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