Go Green with Mini Electric Bike in India Made by The Best Brand

Haryana, India, 2022-Jun-02 — /EPR Network/ — The world needs to focus on bringing greener alternatives for vehicles to eliminate the pollution created by fuel-based vehicles. The EV industry is growing at a pace with more brands coming to the limelight. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly bikes with updated electronic setup help in making the rides comfortable.

Mini electric bike in india

The mini electric bike in India is the latest addition from the well-reputed EV manufacturer, MANTRA E-BIKE. The mini electric bikes for adults are apt for riding long distances and for daily commutations. It is a compact ride that helps the riders move through the congested roads in India amidst packed-up traffic during office hours.

The shift from fuel-based vehicles to electronic vehicles was not easy. Initially, the specifications and designs of the bikes and motorcycles made them an optional riding alternative for the buyers. Thus, not many people were willing to invest in them. But with time, the manufacturers have acquired the certifications from ICAT. The nationally accredited ICAT-certified vehicles bring quality assurance and testing reliability. Each mini bike undergoes rigorous testing in every phase to attest to the requirements of CMVR 1989. The facilities provided by the manufacturer through the upgraded design make the mini bikes an ideal choice.

The mini bike from MANTRA E-BIKE is currently the best electric bike for adults with extraordinary features. The high-performance model looks attractive and is full of high-spec features to make it convenient for riding across the country. There is ample space in the seating area which allows the rider to sit comfortably throughout the ride. The 50 to 60km mileage with a robust lead-acid battery is perfect for Indian commuters who are looking for a daily riding alternative. The charging time is also low, making it an economic choice.

The CEO of MANTRA E-BIKE stated at the launch, “We have reduced the price to make the mini bikes a pocket-friendly buy. We want more riders to recognise the true ability of the EVs and enjoy the experience of going green with their rides.” Quoting the CEO from his recent interview, “We are overjoyed with the response from the buyers and distributors for the electronic mini bikes. Our mission was successful as people have finally found a reliable EV to ride daily. We pledge to bring more two-wheelers in the future.”


About the company

MANTRA E-BIKE is a well-known company that manufactures electronic bikes and two-wheelers. The company is based in Haryana, India and was established in 2018. Innovation and technology go hand-in-hand with their production. The bikes and scooters they manufacture are environment-friendly with a zero-emission guarantee. The EV brand aspires to be a global name and secures the position of India’s number-one electric two-wheeler company. The bikes are assured by the Indian government and exhibit certifications by ICAT.


Contact information

Connect to MANTRA E-BIKE and explore more about the vehicles offered by them at the following contact resources –

Official website – www.mantraebike.com

Official address – Kehrampur Rd, Haryana 125052

Official email – mantra.ebikes@gmail.com

Official contact number – 9053421114 / 903421115

Opening Hours – Mon to Sat – 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

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