GreenTree Electronics Receives award for best obsolete component distributor

GreenTree Electronics, which offers the world’s biggest selection of electronic parts, announced that it has received the Best of Industry award from Electronic makers.

Tel Aviv, Israel, 2022-Dec-05 — /EPR Network/ — GreenTree Electronics, which offers the world’s biggest choice of obsolete electronic components and distributors of integrated circuits, declared that it has received the best of industry awards from Electronic Maker. GreenTree Electronics was named the outstanding semiconductor partner of the year and the best obsolete electronic components distributor of the year.

GreenTree Electronics LTD. is both your safeguard and local escort through nature. For 20 years, are a quality-focused industry pioneer in giving hard-to-find, long lead-time, end-of-life (EOL), and obsolete electronic components. Their quality affirmation division and in-house lab have been seen as one of the business bosses for our fake alleviation program.

They give a unique solution for level 1 OEMs and CMs that are looking for dependable, verified, and certified obsolete electronic part.GreenTree Electronics also offers a wide-ranging of memories, including volatile and non-volatile ICs and memory modules of world-leading manufacturers: Micron, Samsung, Nanya, PSC, Kingston, Infineon, ISSI, IDT, Cypress, Hitachi, NEC, and Toshiba.


GreenTree Electronics are specialists in giving distinguishable and complete obsolete electronic components directly from the producer and there worldwide systems of franchised electronic components distributors. They furnish internal quality examinations with every purchase order and thorough testing services in a testing lab. GreenTree supplies confirmed unique parts with a capability fit-structure warranty.

Their services include:

  1. Electrical measurement- The random sample is estimated and the boundaries are recorded and compared with the qualities range as determined in the datasheet. All measured parameters should be inside the allowed range.
  2. Microscopy inspection- Verify and approve the construction of components’ surface, packaging, and leads.
  3. Dimension measurement- Measure the different components of the package and leads utilizing a digital caliper. The deliberate qualities are recorded and compared with the package frame in the datasheet.
  4. Compliance with order and datasheet- Compare with manufacturers’ datasheets and customers’ orders and approve the components and packaging.
  5. Storing and packaging- All stock is stored in antistatic/against moisture vacuum-fixed foil packages. Before shipping an order, parts pass QC and are afterward resealed in a vacuum.

About Company-

GreenTree Electronics a franchise distributor and representative of world leading manufacturers of electronic components, semiconductors and industrial computers. Located in Tel Aviv, GreenTree Electronics provides demand creation services to its’ partners manufacturers for the Israeli hi-tech market, alongside with technical engineering capabilities and pre-sale/ post-sale support.

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