Important Notice for Entering Tibet from Kathmandu

Starting from April 2023, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu has strengthened the review of China Group Visa for entry into Tibet from Nepal.

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LHASA, 2023-May-11 — /EPR Network/ —The Chinese Group Visa is a necessary document for foreign tourists entering Tibet from Nepal, issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. With this visa, tourists can obtain the Tibet Travel Permit issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and then travel in Tibet according to the predetermined itinerary.

In the past, tourists in Kathmandu could easily apply for a Chinese Group Visa through a travel agency. The review process was not strict, and applicants did not have to be present in person. Sometimes, a visa contained only one traveler who was actually going to Tibet, because the applicants on the list were not verified one by one.

However, starting from April 2023, according to feedback from travel agencies in Nepal, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu began to strictly review this type of visa:

1. The number of applicants must reach 4;

2. Applicants must go to the embassy for an interview and have their fingerprints collected.

This has caused some concern among tourists. Great Tibet Tour believes that tourists with real travel intentions have nothing to worry about.

Because the embassy only carries out visa review work according to the procedure and does not add any restrictions, this is actually beneficial to the protection of tourists’ information and privacy. It is believed that no tourist wants his/her information taken away to help others apply for visas without knowing it.

As an international travel agency with a large number of clients from Nepal, Great Tibet Tour can pool its resources to invite you to join the tour and obtain a visa without any problem.

For all the latest Tibet travel information, please consult Great Tibet Tour.

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