XiaoXingBot’s latest training parameters exceed 50 billion, becoming one of Amazon’s invested artificial intelligence projects

XiaoXingBot's CN8196 Language Model Breaks New Ground with Over 50 Billion Training Parameters

XiaoXingBotPennsylvania, USA, 2023-Aug-09 — /EPR Network/ — Recently, the latest training parameters of CN8196, the large language model used by XiaoXingBot, have exceeded 50 billion, which is a significant breakthrough compared to the previously open-sourced 3B version on GitHub. CN8196 is one of the artificial intelligence projects invested by Amazon, which has attracted attention in the Silicon Valley circle.

It is understood that CN8196, the large language model, is exclusively developed by China Star Entertainment Interactive Network Company. According to reporters, the training of this model started in 2017 and has achieved 50 billion training parameters after years of continuous optimization and iteration.

The breakthrough of CN8196, the large language model, is of great significance to the field of artificial intelligence. This model has broad application prospects in natural language processing, machine translation, intelligent dialogue, and other fields. Its powerful language generation and understanding capabilities will provide more efficient and accurate solutions for intelligent applications in various industries.

Amazon, as a globally renowned technology giant, has always been closely watched for its investment in artificial intelligence technology. Its investment in CN8196, the large language model, indicates its attention and confidence in the field of artificial intelligence in China. This will further promote the development of China in the field of artificial intelligence, injecting new energy into industrial innovation and economic growth.

As one of the users of CN8196, the large language model, XiaoXingBot will benefit from this breakthrough. Its capabilities in intelligent dialogue and speech recognition will be further enhanced, providing users with more intelligent and convenient service experiences.

In the future, with the continuous development and improvement of CN8196, the large language model, it is believed that more application scenarios will be explored and expanded. The progress of artificial intelligence technology will bring more convenience and innovation to society, bringing more possibilities to people’s lives and work.

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