ICS-2 Implementation Postponement Offers Shippers Extended Period for Strategic Compliance Readiness with Trade Tech

Seattle, USA, 2023-Nov-11 — /EPR Network/ — In light of the newly announced schedule for the European Union’s Ocean Import Control System 2 (ICS-2), Trade Tech, a leading provider of innovative and industry-leading cloud-based supply chain management software solutions, has underscored its readiness to support clients through this change.

With deadlines for Vessel Operators set for June 3, 2024, and for House Bill Filers on December 4, 2024 (postponed from March 1, 2024), Trade Tech’s comprehensive compliance solutions are primed for the enhanced requirements. This system extends requirements to forwarders, not just carriers, for all cargo moving to and from the EU, including goods entering or transiting through Switzerland, Norway, and Northern Ireland.

Trade Tech’s existing compliance solutions encompass a range of global security filing types, including the Advanced Manifest System (AMS), Importer Security Filing (ISF), EU ENS (ICS2), Japan AFR, Canada eManifest, Mexico AMS and South Africa SARS, ensuring a full compliance portfolio for customers. The systems developed by Trade Tech provide direct electronic connections to many customs systems and preparation for integration for ICS-2 with EU Customs, facilitating a complete set of Entry Summary Declaration data for goods moving into or out of the EU border, has been underway for some time.

“Bridging the regulatory gap with advanced technology and compliance expertise is what we excel at,” explains Bryn Heimbeck, President of Trade Tech. “Our established infrastructure and processes for global security filings like AMS, ISF, and readiness for ICS-2, demonstrate our capability and commitment to lead our clients through this regulatory evolution smoothly.”

Moreover, Trade Tech’s solutions are designed not only to ensure compliance but also to optimize supply chains, reduce transportation costs, improve exception management, and enhance visibility for clients. This holistic approach to trade security filing and global compliance positions Trade Tech as a trusted partner for businesses navigating the complexities of ICS-2 implementation.

“The shift from ICS-1 to ICS-2 will represent a significant leap in the EU’s customs and security domain,” continues Heimbeck. “As a digital solution, ICS-2 introduces enhanced data-driven processes crucial for safeguarding the EU market and its citizens. Our team’s proficiency and global reach in handling comprehensive compliance filings position Trade Tech as the ideal partner for businesses to navigate this transition successfully.”

Trade Tech is committed to keeping clients well-informed and prepared as the mandatory filing dates approach. With a proven track record in managing similar compliance requirements globally, Trade Tech’s expertise is an invaluable asset for companies looking to adapt to the ICS-2 filing process efficiently and effectively.

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