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Among the leadiig mobile video content provider, AllTheContent.com-ToutLeContenu.com is happy to announce an agreement with ICEMOBILE.

ICEMOBILE specializes in MMS and Video content distribution for the mobile market. Leader in the Benelux countries (Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg), the firm provides operators directly (Vodafone, ePlus, KPN, Base, Telefonica, O2, Orange) as well as a third party network of partnering commercial or media brands which ensures services’ promotion (Nike, Siemens, MTV, RTL, MSN, Lycos, Tiscali). Numerous and important, all ICEMOBILE customers will be able to benefit of our wealthy catalogue.

Thanks to its increased knowledge of the mobile industry, ATC-TLC can provide quickly a wide range of high quality productions coming from our video library. Combining quality requirement of the broadcast market and an integrated new-media strategy, our content is perfectly adapted to the constraints of 2.5 G video and already directed towards the possibilities of the 3G network.

Available from important market, ATC-TLC’s video contents keeps invading the screens. Aside with all our recent agreement, this contract shall lead to consequent profits as well as to an intensification of ATC-TLC activities on a worldwide level.

For more details:

27 rue du XXI Décembre CH-1207 GENEVE +41 22 700 35 67 info@allthecontent.com

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