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Joe Turek enjoys traveling so much,he decided to become a GTI Agent to support his increasingly costly habit.

Turek is not your traditional travel agent,however.He works as a (job position) during the week, and then works part time earning additional
income as an Agent for Global Travel International, Inc. (GTI), based in
Maitland, Florida.

Turek simply refers his friends, family members and virtually anyone that's traveling to GTI and their professional staff do all the work. Then, Turek gets paid

By joining the ranks of over 35,000 GTI Agents worldwide, Turek and his referrals are able to not only book the most competitive rates, but
Turek also earns up to fifty percent of the travel commission from his bookings as well as his referrals bookings.

As an Agent with GTI the earning potential is not limited to commissions from travel bookings. Turek can refer a friend to become a GTI Agent. When that friend signs up, Turek gets paid. GTI is not a multi-level company, but a debt free, fast growing, network marketing company.

This innovative concept in selling travel is radically changing the travel industry. In much the same fashion that Wal-Mart and Charles Schwab
revolutionized their respective markets.

GTI is able to sell travel through its army of GTI Agents at a lower cost. The reason? High sales volume. Through its army of Agents, GTI sells close to $120 million in travel per year, and that's why industry experts are touting GTI Agents like Turek as the twenty-first century's new definition of a travel agent.

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