Inventor Catherine Newman Launches Westalot - A Carry-On Luggage Innovation

Released on: December 04, 2013, 1:42 pm
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

San Francisco, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Inventor Catherine Newman brings innovation to carry-on luggage with the launch of Westalot, a carry-on, carry-all, multipurpose garment bag with luxury appeal.

In the last decade, travel has changed considerably, becoming more complicated and more involved for almost every user. Now more than ever, travelers require simple, multipurpose luggage to ease the strains of travel, said inventor Catherine Newman, who conceived of the Westalot out of necessity on a last minute Virgin Atlantic flight from London to San Francisco. As a frequent business traveler, Catherine needed an updated garment bag to suit her contemporary lifestyle.

I am excited by how well Westalot addresses the need for a 21st century garment bag. Until now, there was no universal piece of luggage that could both carry all of my belongings and keep my business clothes wrinkle free. With Westalot, I have one carry-on where I can pack my finer garments (dress shirts, slacks, dresses, etc) and my shoes, casual clothing, toiletries, travel documents and a laptop. It has made packing and traveling so much easier said Catherine.

After a year of prototyping, Westalot is now available as a carry-on, carry-all, ultra-compact, modern garment bag. When designing the Westalot, Catherine Newman focused on the need for a bag with versatile utility that simplified the stages of the travel process. She specifically considered the needs of today's frequent travelers including the travel challenges facing the growing market of women business travelers.

Westalot holds everything necessary for a 3-day business trip or getaway; including evening wear and business attire. Westalot packs away finer garments separately and makes space for everything else. Westalot is made of a lightweight weather-resistant nylon and meets the TSA- regulations for carry-on luggage. Westalot is manufactured in California, USA and is available to ship internationally. Westalot is covered by U.S. and International Patents.

Catherine Newman is an independent inventor in Oakland, California. She credits her diverse background and experience as her creative inspiration. In 2010, she completed her PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, while also working as a professional dancer; touring internationally with the groundbreaking dance-theater company, FACT/SF. She is deeply interested in the role diversity plays in innovation. For example, she conceptualized, The Essentials of Physical Problem Solving , a workshop for everyday' designers , as a way of teaching resourceful, creative and diverse design-thinking skills to students. She currently teaches this workshop internationally. Additionally, her dissertation, Information Scaffolding , theorized design methods for constructing audience-centered information for broadened user-comprehension. In industry, Catherine Newman has worked, with hardware startups in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley. Catherine has recently gone out on her own to focus on innovating new products that address unmet user-needs; this year filing US and international patents for the Westalot.


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