Longworth & Richman Law Group purchases historic title company

Released on: February 07, 2014, 7:21 am
Industry: Law

February 07, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- A local law firm has purchased the historic Austin Abstract Company. Matt Irmington, the title firm’s president, announced the sale Monday.

Irmington, who is also an attorney, said he will step down as president of Austin Abstract Company but will stay on and practice law at the same location, 107 Franklin St. in New York. The company’s assets are being purchased by Longworth & Richman Law Group, whose main office is 500 W 37th St New York, NY.

“Austin Abstract Company is remaining in the same building, you will still see the same faces every day,” Irmington said in a news release.
“Basically, it will be same company providing clients with the same commitment to customer service and attention to detail. Austine Abstract will just be able to expand its reach into new markets.”

Longworth & Richman Law Group specializes in asset protection but also handles a variety of real estate sales, acquisition and exchange matters as well as litigation matters having to do with condemnation actions, actions to quiet title and boundary line disputes.

“A lot of times people are faced with title questions or real estate questions and, instead of sending that out to another party, we’d rather keep it in house,” said attorney Tony Gee.

One of the reasons Austin Abstract agreed to the deal was that it allowed ownership to continue with a law firm rather than an outside entity, Gee said.

The building was constructed about 1981 and AAC has been there since the 1986. “The building has a lot of history,” Gee said. “We want to retain that historical aspect.”

The company handles residential and commercial closings, and provides refinanced loan support.

The sale will allow AAC to serve Marion, Washington, Clinton, Bond, Madison, Macoupin and Jersey counties. “We aren’t interested in changing the structure of Carlyle Abstract,” Irmington said in a news release. “We simply want to continue moving the company forward to see it grow.”

Gee also announced Tuesday that he will be opening a second office in New York. Gee’s Business & Legal Services recently purchased the law practice of Martin Bricks Law Firm.

“Mr. Martin Bricks loyally served the area for over 20 years, and we will continue to assist the legal needs of local communities,” Ge said in a news release. “My great-grandfather was politician in New York and I am happy to have the opportunity to continue his legacy.”

The new Martin Bricks location is 204 N. Main St. Clients can meet with Bettina Chan, a financial advisor who lives in Queens. Gee said that Chan’s services allow GBLS to “provide a comprehensive package to estate planning” by reviewing a client’s existing estate plan and assets documents and “ensuring a coordinated plan that will maximize tax deferral options and investments.”

Contact-Details: info@landrlawgrp.com

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