Outfox.tv Has Launched an Improved Version of their Online Application

Released on: February 25, 2014, 10:30 am (EST)
Industry: Internet & Online

The free TV provider is constantly enhancing the ways viewers can watch various programs online. With the new version, users gain a more customizable experience and a wider range of channels.

Singapore Land Tower, Singapore, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Outfox.tv is known for delivering a safe, convenient way to view free TV online. They offer their viewers free programs including a wide range of popular channels. As a leader in the online TV viewing industry, they are continually improving their services. Now, viewers can enjoy a more customizable experience with the upgraded application and the new features, and around 90 channels of quality content.

Those interested in viewing free TV shows on their computer can download the improved Windows application from www.outfox.tv. The viewing experience has been enhanced, allowing users to determine whether the launch bar will appear on their desktop at startup. The launch bar can be placed in different positions on the desktop. Also, viewers can decide whether or not to have browser links to the website available. The free TV provider has made these new changes to the application with the anticipation their customers will appreciate the new experience.

Soon, Outfox.tv will unveil a new mobile and tablet format, allowing users to view free TV on the move. This new application is expected to be available in 4-6 weeks. The company plans to also continue adding more desired channels to their already compelling line up of popular shows. Currently, users can enjoy TMZ, Ellen, UFC, NBC, numerous sporting channels, and much more.

The newly improved application is easy to install. An installation wizard guides new users through the easy install process. The improvements to the application allow the viewer to easily change settings to suit their own preferences. Outfox.tv guarantees their online content will remain free for life. There are no hidden costs or subscription obligations. If a user becomes dissatisfied or changes their mind, the application is easy to uninstall.

Upon visiting the website, patrons have the privilege of watching the latest and most popular videos straight from the site’s homepage. To try out Outfox.tv, visit their website at www.outfox.tv.

About Outfox.tv:
Outfox.tv allows users to view free TV online. They are in the process of building their own studio so that they will be able to produce and edit original content and increase their database of channels. The software is completely safe and it contains no virus or malicious code, and is enjoyed by a huge global user community. Through good quality advertising, which supports development and hosting costs, OutfoxTV is able to provide numerous channels and shows for free.


Outfox TV Productions Ltd
50 Raffles Place #15-05/06
Singapore Land Tower
Singapore 048623
USA Toll-Free: 1-888-216-0690

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