Pietro Fornara releases debut EP 'Start'

Released on: February 24, 2014, 7:12 am (EST)
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Long Beach, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The composer of digital music known as Pietro Fornara has released his debut album, an EP titled, “Start.” The extended-play record is comprised of four original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 18 minutes. A groovy, highly danceable and funky house album in the tradition of the originators of the European sound, “Start” proves that Pietro Fornara is one of the names to watch in coming months.

Much of the overtone and general feel of “Start” is reminiscent of the electronica scene of the 1990s, long before the dubstep explosion and the coining of the grab-bag term, EDM. Taking Fornara's listening tastes into consideration, this should not prove surprising. Fornara cites as main artistic influences such legends as Phuture, Lords of Acid, the Shamen, 808 State, the Orb, Väth, Sinclar, Beyer and Digweed, and releases from the Artificial Intelligence and Eight Ball record labels.

What this means to the music fan is that “Start” is a record constructed with exceptional musical taste. Its instrumentation is creative, its melody lines are interesting, and its beats are far more clever than the simple thud-thud-thud of lazy house-music programming. This is music with heart, soul and mind. Each track has personality and color all its own.

This is perhaps due to Fornara's broad musical experience.

He writes of this: “As a Luxembourger born in Switzerland from a family of musicians and composers (famous Luxembourg composers J.P. & Louis Beicht) I studied music for many years. I learned some guitar as a kid, but I guess I was too young as I gave up. Then came many years of music conservatory with percussion.”

He goes on to explain that his music tastes range throughout the spectrum of sound.

“My love for music has never died and while I know most classical composers and their music, I have always listened to rock, metal, all forms of jazz, blues, funk, disco and finally electronic music.”

His decision to compose an electronica record is largely the result of inspiration.

“My choice was electronic music mainly due to years of using and breaking computers, the electronic beats and melodies in my head which put me to sleep at night and get me out of bed in the morning.
We are now at the beginning of 2014 and my first EP is to be released. In the last six months my style has changed and I am really looking forward to learn the software to bring out the melodies and rhythm I hear in everyday life.”

“Start” contains four of Pietro Fornara's first five songs – evidence that fans of the genre should take note of his work in the future.

“There are melodies and rhythm in everything,” he writes. “Just listen carefully and your heartbeat will sync to the music.

“Start” by Pietro Fornara is available online worldwide.

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