Fit Armadillo Announces Run Away from Winter, Get 5K Fit Group Training Program

Released on: March 07, 2014, 3:08 pm (EST)
Industry: Consumer Services

Houston, TX , -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Today, Fit Armadillo, a fitness company specializing in online exercise options, announced the start of its newest group fitness program: Run Away from Winter, Get 5K Fit.  Since starting online group fitness programs last year, Fit Armadillo has run several 8 week programs to help busy individuals tone up without a gym membership. The Run Away from Winter, Get 5K Fit program will have the same goal, but with the added excitement that comes from training for a specific event.  With a March 31st start date, this group session allows beginning runners the ability to head into summer feeling fit and accomplished after completing a 3.1 mile road race of their choosing.

Of the newest 8 week fitness program, Fit Armadillo owner and certified personal trainer Catherine Basu said, “Creating this program has been a dream of mine since starting my company.  I hated gym class growing up, but fell in love with running and never looked back! I’m really excited to help those interested in running get their start and to provide them with the support they need to be successful on race day.”  When asked about the connection of the program to this year's brutal winter, Catherine explained, “I wanted a name that was fun and that would motivate my runners from day one. Having a specific goal is one of the best ways to be successful in maintaining an exercise routine and this program has that built right into it.”

The Run Away from Winter, Get 5K Fit program was created to ensure participant success from the start.  Over 90% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions give up before March 1st.  Many cite lack of time and support as the two main reasons they quit a routine.  Fit Armadillo’s program has participants working out from the comfort of their homes with sessions lasting just 30 minutes.  This allows beginners to be in and out of their gym clothes in the time it would have taken them to travel to and from the gym.  All programs are created by a certified personal trainer who is available throughout the session to answer questions and provide support.  In addition to eliminating time and knowledge barriers, the new program allows participants to enjoy:

-Membership in a private, trainer-moderated online support group for increased accountability and the opportunity to make new running buddies.

-Weekly cardiovascular fitness and strength training plans that enable members to tone up as they slim down.

-A personalized one-week nutrition plan so participants can learn how to properly fuel their bodies and maximize training and weight-loss benefits.

-Unlimited e-mail access to a certified personal trainer for additional assistance.

-Support selecting a 5K road race and goal race time.

To learn more about the 8 week session and Fit Armadillo, you can visit it on the web:  E-mail Catherine at by March 3rd and mention this article to receive early bird pricing on the session.  Groups are limited to 10 participants.

About Fit Armadillo: Fit Armadillo is a Texas-based fitness company providing fitness at Your Place and Your Pace. Created by ACE-Certified Personal Trainer Catherine Basu, MEd, it focuses on helping beginning exercisers and busy professionals ditch the gym and work out in their personal comfort zones.  By offering online personal training and group fitness programs, Fit Armadillo serves clients all over the world.

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