PPM America deploys Varden’s eReportalDeck Platform for Data-Driven Pitchbook and Marketing Content Automation and On-Demand Production

Released on: March 26, 2014, 10:36 am (EDT)
Industry: Software

Boston, MA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Varden Technologies, a provider of investment client reporting, data-driven pitchbooks, and information delivery portals, announces another successful implementation of its eReportalDeck platform. $98-billion PPM America, Inc. has deployed eReportalDeck for data-driven marketing content production. eReportalDeck is a sub-platform of the eReportal application. Whereas eReportal is an open-ended approach to workflow-driven, auditable, and interactive client communications, eReportalDeck specifically focuses on data-driven pitchbook and fund summary automation and on-demand production. The web-based platform allows business users to inject privileged and validated firm-wide data into native, editable, PowerPoint® content. In addition, down and end-stream users can assemble custom packages while gaining proprietary pre/post-rendered controls of investment marketing and sales content through web and tablet-based interfaces.

Our produced content must be accurate while timely to serve our marketing, sales and servicing teams. This is why we selected Varden for their eReportalDeck pitchbook production software. We are happy with the Varden team for their in-depth command of investment marketing content. eReportalDeck is an installed application, giving our business users full command of its capabilities. Because we are not loading data externally or leveraging an outsourcing model, we own the future of our content strategy with eReportalDeck, shares Sean Kelley, Vice President of Middle Office at PPM America.

Based in Chicago, PPM America is an indirect subsidiary of Prudential plc, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom, which is a publicly traded holding company with $650 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2013. Neither PPM America, Inc. nor Prudential plc are affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America. PPM America and its affiliates provide investment advisory and management services to a variety of portfolio product types originated by affiliates of its UK Parent, including Jackson National Life Insurance Company in the US, a number of UK affiliates and Asian affiliates. PPMA also provides services to other affiliated and unaffiliated institutional clients, including collateralized debt/loan obligations (CDO/CLOs), private investment funds, institutional accounts and mutual funds.

Minh Nguyen, Head of Relationships, shares, it was a pleasure to partner with the PPM America team. As firms seek greater asset inflow, we recognize their investments to empower Front and Middle Office with information and content servicing and self-servicing platforms, like eReportalDeck. Validating information is the job of the Back Office, as well as specific facets of eReportalDeck. Once validated, however, down and end-stream users will have the power to control and create on-demand views and content by leveraging the exposed hierarchy of enterprise data, information and content series.

Our market footprint has grown from the idea that pitchbook and content that exist in PowerPoint® can simply remain so. eReportalDeck deploys a toolbar inside standard PowerPoint® to privileged end-users. That toolbar houses a data dictionary for users to inject data-driven content to populate alongside static content. With eReportalDeck, at-risk and manually intensive content maintenance is reduced. Your business users can generate data-driven pitchbooks and marketing content. Donald McLeod, Varden's lead on the implementation, concludes.

About Varden Technologies
Varden Technologies is an investment technology firm, based in Boston, MA. Since 1999, Varden provides data integration services as well as proprietary software. In the consulting division, Varden implements third-party systems across core disciplines of portfolio accounts, performance attribution, compliance and trade. In the software division, Varden offers eReportal, a platform for firm-wide data aggregation/validation and reporting, complete with workflow guidance, exceptions monitoring, and portal publication. eReportal has three sub-platforms, each can be parsed for autonomous deployment. eReportalDeck targets data-driven pitchbook and sales/marketing content production. Matrix targets open-ended data and process workflow guidance and exceptions monitoring. xPortal targets down/end-stream interactive information delivery via a customizable, secured, MVC-based portal framework.

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