greeNEWit has Partnered with People for Change Coalition to Help Make Our Society a More Sustainable Place

Released on: March 02, 2014, 8:58 am
Industry: Energy

COLUMBIA, MD, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- What do greeNEWit and People for Change Coalition (PFCC) have in common? Their commitment to positively change the lives of the people and places around them. These two local businesses have joined forces to achieve collective energy savings to make our society a more sustainable place.

The PFCC is a membership organization whose mission is to help build nonprofit and minority businesses in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. By providing assessment, support and expansion services, PFCC is able to assist in the development of businesses while simultaneously improving the quality of life of surrounding communities.

greeNEWit has partnered with the PFCC and is regularly attending their events to deliver energy efficiency workshops. These workshops, entitled “Home Energy 101 for Renters and Homeowners”, share information on the basic principles of home energy and their associated costs while offering sustainable tips and practices homeowners can implement immediately. greeNEWit uncovers how small behavioral changes can produce a large reduction in monthly energy bills.

The partnership is not only informational, but allows members of the community to take action in the form of energy efficiency. The members who engage in no and low cost energy efficiency programs available from greeNEWit will experience lower monthly energy bills and improved comfort while concurrently lowering stress on the environment.

To learn more about the mission of PFCC and how to get involved, visit their website

Click the link for more information about home energy and how to increase your sustainability efforts at home.


Contact-Details: greeNEWit, Sarah Frye, 513-520-1958

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