Palm Lake Co-operative Clubhouse Boasts New Sound Equipment

Released on: August 18, 2014, 6:35 am (EDT)
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West Palm Beach, Florida, August 18, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The community of Palm Lake Co-operative pooled together their resources to upgrade the ancient sound system at The Palms, a community clubhouse.

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida is an active 55+ adult community just about ten minutes from everything. Palm Lake Co-operative is a community that has pooled its resources together to create user-friendly accommodations and varied activities designed to entertain and engage the community’s sizable adult population. Just this past spring, members of the community joined together to upgrade the sound system at The Palms, one of three spacious clubhouses the community sports.

The Palms hosts a number of different events for the community, such as a Variety Show and a Fashion show each year. They also use the clubhouse for Tuesday activities starting at 5pm. When it was decided to upgrade the system, the group that organizes and coordinates the games and food for the Tuesday evening activities got together to do it properly.

Nathalie Bernier and Micheline Tremblay volunteered their time to research the equipment that would be needed. They also looked into where to purchase the equipment for the best price. In order to collect the funds for the equipment upgrade, they collected a few dollars each week from each person that attended the Tuesday evening group activities. As one group member described, “It was a fun time and we all contributed a couple of dollars to it each week and it went to a good cause - improving our equipment.” Through these efforts the group was able to collect a sizable donation for the upgrade.

The efforts of this community’s collective labor bore fruit when The Palms hosted a Memorial Day celebration with music and entertainment. Members of the community in attendance enjoyed the clear sound of the system and the event organizers enjoyed the ease of using the system. The upgrades boast new stands and speakers, a mixer, a wireless microphone, and a state-of-the-art tablet for programming music tracks.

Neighborhoods that come together and share their resources and have active resident organizations have advantages over other neighborhoods. Community residents that participate become stakeholders in their neighborhood. This added investment helps to create a sustainable platform for community improvements, such as an upgraded sound system. Community resources that encourage events and activities bring the neighborhood residents together in an environment that promotes networking. This networking creates a unifying support system.

In the case of Palm Lake Co-operative every homeowner owns a share of the community and has access to resources and networking opportunities with well over 900 adults of similar circumstance and age.

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