Released on: August 07, 2014, 3:29 am (EDT)
Industry: Food & Beverage

Toronto, Ontario, August 07, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Time is precious so why spend it doing tedious chores such as grocery shopping when you can be leading a joyful life savouring delicious gourmet dinners with friends and family.

To savour a good meal cooked at home is a luxury of time and Seven Sexy Dinners is out to change that with its Gourmet Dinner Boxes™ delivered free to a customer’s home and costing an average of $7.50 per person. Each box contains fresh, prewashed, chopped and ready for the pan ingredients for cooking.

“We believe cooking at home is essential to leading a joyful life, said Ram Wasan, co-founder of Seven Sexy Dinners.“ Ram spent his career in the hospitality business and knows first-hand how important it is to live a balanced life in a world that is constantly changing. “The idea for our Gourmet Dinner Boxes germinated from the fact that time is precious, kitchen sizes are shrinking and people want to enjoy restaurant quality food at home, without the hassle of preparation.”

Recipes have been developed by leading international acclaimed chefs from all over the world. Each one is an expert in a certain cuisine and a style of cooking. “Toronto is such a diverse city with cultures from all over the world,” added Ram “it is our desire to give Torontonians the same journey through a wide variety of ingredients and artisan foods in our Gourmet Dinner Boxes because that is what the city of Toronto is all about!”

Each Gourmet Dinner Box contains three entrées of two portions including sides to prepare. The menu changes weekly to incorporate locally grown seasonal foods and a selection of gourmet, lean, vegan and candlelight dinners. Boxes start at $45.00 (plus tax). Orders can be placed 24/7 at and delivery is free. And for example, more than 10 colleagues in an office place an order, Seven Sexy Dinners will conveniently make delivery to their place of business.

Delivered to your door, the Gourmet Dinner Box helps prepare complete meals with fresh local ingredients that are pan ready and cooked in approx. 20 minutes.

Established in Toronto, Ontario, Seven Sexy Dinners is an online grocer specializing in ready to cook gourmet dinner boxes created by master chefs. Gourmet Dinner Boxes contain all the ingredients and artisan goods to cook a gourmet meal at home without the hassle of sourcing or preparing any of the ingredients.

For more information visit or call 647-477-7732

For more information or to receive a free media trial of a Gourmet Dinner Box by Seven Sexy Dinners please contact:
Ram Wasan, Seven Sexy Dinners: or 647-710-7044
Nancy Cottenden, PRWise: or 416-691-7281

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