Battle Realms Legends Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Released on: September 17, 2014, 10:13 am (EDT)
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Pasadena, CA, September 17, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Liquid Entertainment launched their month-long Kickstarter campaign today for Battle Realms Legends, the first new game for the critically acclaimed Battle Realms franchise in over a decade.

Battle Realms Legends is a collectible card game RPG that also draws upon the franchise’s real-time strategy roots by introducing territorial control and resource management into the mix. Players will take part in both lengthy and branching single player campaigns as well as multiplayer competitive card combat. Targeting both PC & Mac platforms, the game promises deep strategy and engaging storytelling.

For the first time since the release of Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf in 2002, players will be able to return to the franchise’s evocative setting – a fusion of fantasy, medieval Japanese and other Asian cultures, kung fu, druids, and demons – and resume the heroic journeys of their favorite characters, including Kenji, Zymeth, and more.

Ed Del Castillo, producer of the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert strategy games as well as the creative force behind the original Battle Realms, will head up the creative team behind Battle Realms Legends.

“We felt that the time was right for Battle Realms to make its return,” said Del Castillo. “The game and the franchise are built on the principles of utter devotion to the details, deep strategic choices, and powerful storytelling. In today’s gaming industry, those are too often seen as luxuries that a game’s development schedule cannot afford – or at least afford to get right. But they are so critical. With Kickstarter and crowd sourced funding, we can appeal directly to the legions of Battle Realms fans and promise them a great new game that will deliver the same level of polish and intricacy as the originals. We couldn’t be more excited.”

Battle Realms Legends has been in development for over a year and the campaign’s initial $100,000 fundraising goal will allow Liquid Entertainment to complete full single player campaigns for the game’s two primary factions, the Dragon and Lotus Clans, as well as a competitive PVP mode that matches similarly ranked players in heads-up card battles with their favorite heroes.

All Kickstarter backers of Battle Realms Legends will receive Beta invites for early access to the game. Depending on pledge level, backers can also receive a host of digital rewards, including bonus starter decks and booster packs, powers and upgrades, in-game bonuses including double rewards, a digital copy of the game’s art book, Kickstarter exclusive skins, and much more. Top level backers will even be able to collaborate with Liquid Entertainment to create a new hero or even a new clan for the game’s ongoing story.

The Kickstarter campaign for Battle Realms Legends runs until the morning of October 16, 2014.

To learn more about Battle Realms Legends and Liquid Entertainment’s vision for the game, visit the Kickstarter page here:

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About Liquid Entertainment
For over 15 years, Liquid Entertainment has been making games with an emphasis on engagement, innovation, story, and strategy. During that time, the award-winning studio has remained true to its namesake; both fluid in its ability to adapt to changing technologies and eternal in its dedication to creating high-quality games. At Liquid, success is measured by the memorable moments its games provide. Liquid is currently focused on delivering engaging and satisfying mobile and PC-based experiences and is furiously at work deep within its secret laboratories on the triumphant return of Battle Realms to the gaming world.


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