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Released on: September 15, 2014, 5:58 am (EDT)
Industry: Real Estate

LONDON, September 15, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- It is without doubt that one can say the focus of the UK property market at the moment is firmly on Buy To Let. Significant factors in the UK financial markets are serving to support the increase in Buy To Let property deals, with - as you may well expect - London being the most in-demand area for this form of investment. Finefair, the leading property management company in London over the last decade, now apply their expertise in the letting market to empower investors seeking out the best moves in Buy To Let London has to offer.

The two driving factors behind Buy To Let success have been the changes to pension laws and the relaxation of rules around mortgage expiry dates. The law change allows for far more diversification and freedom in respect of pension fund investment. With property being a natural investment choice, financial institutions have contributed by relaxing conditions around the maximum age of buyers at the point of mortgage expiration. By effectively removing the enforced date at which point a mortgage must be settled, banks and building societies have opened the Buy To Let market up considerably. With finance readily available, Finefair can ensure you make the right Buy To Let investment due to their extensive knowledge of the letting and leasing market in London.

London remains the prime place in which to make Buy To Let property investments. Not only is the city one of the most sought after places to live and work in the UK, but it is considered as one of the most desirable cities in the world to be in. Despite analysts and experts expressing concern that London property prices were likely to dip, recently released information shows the opposite to be the case. The average London property price has risen to £500,000, with the increase in sales over the last year reaching 20%. To put this in real terms, in the last year over £34 billion has been spent on purchase and rental in the capital city. With a drop in demand for property in London being unlikely to the extent of virtually impossible, Finefair are the experts to ensure you find the maximum return on investment in the market.

With over 40% of England's entire property rental revenue being generated in London, getting the most from the market makes it essential to have experts who can see you to and through your goals. With an indelible presence in the heart of the London property market, Finefair are your first and foremost choice for Buy To Let investments in the capital. For property purchases and the benefits of guaranteed rent agreements, their peerless record of success reflects the very best available to investors.

If you are looking to make the most assured Buy To Let investment London has to offer, or seek expert property management for your existing portfolio, Finefair are the company trusted across the city to deliver it.

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