HIPAAMart Launches HIPAA In-A-Box

Released on: November 13, 2014, 11:41 am (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

Charleston, South Carolina, November 13, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- HIPAAMart announces HIPAA In-A-Box, the industry's most complete HIPAA compliance kit and monitoring service. HIPAA In-A-Box contains HIPAA compliance policies and templates (including a service that quickly completes and updates them), employee video training, patient health information scanning, intrusion detection, email and file encryption software, and even a 24/7 intrusion monitoring service (one of the most often overlooked components)--making it the most complete all-in-one compliance kit and service (no more, no less than what is mandated by law). It is also backed by a $100,000 assurance warranty in the event of an audit.

"We are finding more than 80% of medical locations are not in HIPAA compliance and are violating the law (with $50k to million dollar fines). HIPAA data breaches have increased 130%. Enforcement is coming down HARD--with a billion dollars plus in new enforcement budget for 2014... the audits are going to fly!" says HIPAAMart CEO, Dean Jones.

Unfortunately, most practices pick up "HIPAA Kits" for thousands of dollars and think they are safe. But these kits are grossly incomplete, usually containing just policies, templates (many practices don't even complete them properly) and some include online training. Most are missing all the technology components--including monitoring. "What others call a ’complete’ kit--we call a $50,000 fine. We haven't seen a single kit that includes the monitoring requirement... so we put everything together and called it all HIPAA In-A-Box." continues Jones.

There is a free service to determine your needs. It starts with a quick audit of your templates and policies, then a free no-obligation vulnerability scan that generates a detailed report showing any possible violations (including un-encrypted files, emails, unsecured photo IDs, open server ports, unprotected computers, etc.)--the report even estimates the HIPAA violation fines. Some locations tested showed millions in potential fines--which are all fixed with HIPAA In-A-Box.

HIPAA In-A-Box is much cheaper than getting caught (considering the $50k to $1.5 million fees) and is available as an affordable monthly service (to ensure you are compliant now and in the future (HIPAA regulations change constantly)). It only takes about an hour to get started. Some of the services, such as the policies and templates, are offered a la carte for those that need it, and they are completed for you, usually within 10 days--reducing about 100 hours of work.

HIPAA In-A-Box is available direct or through resellers at www.hipaamart.com

About HIPAAMart
HIPAAMart has over 25 years of technology experience and has helped facilities ranging from single medical and dental practitioners to some of the nation's largest hospitals to understand and become 100% HIPAA compliant. In its practice, it could not find all the pieces that would address the policies, technical requirements and the mandated monitoring... anywhere. So, HIPAAMart created it and called it quite simply, "HIPAA In-A-Box."


Contact-Details: HipaaMart
Dean Jones
1643 B Savannah Hwy
Charleston SC 29407

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