Green Furniture - Level - to Gain LEED credits (AIA approved for CEUs)

Released on: September 21, 2015, 5:38 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

Fremont, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Compliance4All announces webinar on the topic, “Green Furniture - Level - to Gain LEED credits (AIA approved for CEUs)” on October 22. This webinar offers understanding on the content of the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard in detail.

Fremont, CA: Compliance4All, a provider of cost-effective regulatory compliance trainings for a wide range of regulated industries, will organize a webinar on October 22. Jason Teliszczak, CEO/Founder, JT Environmental Consulting, will be the speaker at this seminar. The topic of this webinar is “Green Furniture - Level - to Gain LEED credits (AIA approved for CEUs)”.

About the webinar:

Customers today look for products that are sustainable. If organizations have to provide these; they need to gain credits for current and future LEED, Green Globes, ISO 14001, or other sustainable and green certifications.

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These certifications ensure that the materials that go into these products are trustworthy and safe for everyone involved: employees, visitors, patients, etc. These certifications are important not only from the safety perspective, but also from the economic one. This webinar explains how.

This course offers a review of the content of the current green regulations in the industry, such as ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard. The speaker will also describe the scope, structure, elements, pre-requisites, etc., and also provide information on the third-party level® certification process.
This webinar will familiarize the A&D community, facility managers, commercial building owners, end users, dealers, and manufacturers with e3 and level so that they may understand the standard in the context of its applicability and relevance to their everyday business of supplying sustainable products.

About the Speaker:
Jason Teliszczak is CEO/Founder of JT Environmental Consulting. With more than a decade of consulting experience, Mr. Teliszczak assists his clients in setting targets and achieving goals.

Jason performs compliance audits and internal audits for organizations in the construction industry and helps them become certified to many different standards. He holds many certifications, such as CPP, CSMP, ASHM, HACCP Manager, CESCO, and CET.

About Compliance4All:
Compliance4All ( is a specialized offering from NetZealous, a Fremont, CA-registered organization. It is a source for a wide range of professional trainings, compliance trainings and consulting for the regulated industries. Compliance4All offers a broad range of high quality, affordable regulatory and compliance-related services relating to medical devices, pharmaceutical, FDA, clinical trials, laboratory compliance, biologicals, drugs, food and biotechnology.

Many professionals in the various areas in which Compliance4All offers its trainings have benefited from the vast experience of its well-known speakers, who are reputed globally in their respective fields.

Contact information:

Call: 1-800-447-9407;
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