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Released on: October 8, 2015, 11:32 am (EDT)
Industry: Retail

Buffalo, NY, October 8, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- College students may be doing laundry for the first time in college or they may have always washed laundry. Whether or not college students are doing laundry for the first time in college, there are going to be some laundry dorm accessories that may not have been considered as the college student was making a college dorm checklist. College students are going to need more than a dorm laundry bag and dorm laundry detergent in college dorm supplies, and DormCo presents a list of the dorm essentials that may not have been thought of that shouldn’t be left behind.

The college student won’t be able to take a large dorm ironing board to college. There won’t be room for a large dorm item like that to fit in a college closet or anywhere else in the college dorm room. There are more compact options for college students that will allow clothes to be ironed without taking up a lot of dorm room storage space when not in use. There are dorm space savers like mini ironing board options that can be kept under a dorm bed or in a dorm closet and there are also dorm ironing blankets that can be folded and placed in a dorm storage solution. Along with a college ironing board, the college student is also going to want a dorm drying rack. A dorm drying rack can be folded down quite compactly when not in use and allow the college student to dry damp clothes when the dorm dryer didn’t fully dry the clothes. There may also be times the college student can wash clothes, but the dorm dryers are all taken. With a dorm drying rack in a college dorm checklist, not being able to find an available dorm dryer won’t be a problem.

There are also small dorm items that may not be used as much that the college student will want to have on hand. These dorm essentials are a dorm sewing kit and stain remover. The college student won’t want to throw away a favorite T-Shirt or pair of jeans because a small hole developed in the seams or some coffee was spilled. With a small dorm sewing kit, the college student will be able to take care of these small holes and not be able to tell the difference. A powerful stain remover is also needed in college, especially a stain remover that can work on old stains. The college student may put a coffee stained T-Shirt in the laundry hoping that the stain is removed and find that it wasn’t. With some powerful stain remover, the college student will be able to take care of the stain on a favorite T-Shirt and not worry about using the T-Shirt as a cleaning towel.

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