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Released on = October 17, 2006, 5:36 pm

Press Release Author = NeuralTek [ACN 064 583 633]

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = Ultimate software tool to create professional looking sketch
art from any photo

Press Release Body = 15 October 2006
Neuraltek, Sydney, Australia

Neuraltek announces the release of SkechMatrix 2.1, a windows software that can be
used to convert any photo or an image into professional quality sketch art.

Using SketchMatrix is quite simple, and yet, the results look amazingly professional
and realistic. Users can choose the easy mode by utilizing the Wizard for creating
art based on included preset styles - making it possible to create impressive art
with just a few mouse clicks. Advanced users will be pleased with the extensive
configurability, providing full control on various aspects of a sketch - such as
ouline, features, shading, detail, etc. Eight-way positional bias controls add even
more variability, and all parameters may be tuned individually and combined to
provide virtually unlimited styles. This extensive customization lets the user
create their own unique art styles that may be saved as preset files for later use
on other images. SketchMatrix supports both black & white as well as color art
styles. All effects are applied in real time and in WYSIWYG style.

Sketch and art filters have been part and parcel of quite a few image editors in the
past. However, these have generally lacked realism, often resembling a poor
distorted print of the original image. In contrast, art done by a professional
artist has that touch of class that comes from the human ability to introduce subtle
variations, randomness, and dynamism into the work. To overcome this static nature
of computer generated art, SketchMatrix makes use of Neuraltek\'s proprietary Dynamic
Parameterization technology - giving it the ability to simulate the real world
variability and subtleness of art.

SketchMatrix is shareware (try before you buy), and is available in various program
editions to suit the need and budget of different users. Sample sketch art, free
trial download, and more information is available from the SketchMatrix web site -

Neuraltek is known for creating innovative and useful software based on its
proprietary techniques. Its RealLifeColour technology changed the way colorization
was perceived by critiques the world over, and spawned the much applauded photo
coloring software \"BlackMagic Color\" (

Further information:
Manu Sood
Neuraltek, Sydney
Tel: +61 - 408 268762

Web Site =

Contact Details = Address: P.O. Box 582, North Ryde

Phone Number: +61 - 408 - 268762

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