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Released on: October 13, 2008, 5:40 am

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Press Release Summary: ventures into the fast growing market of dedicated industry job websites where SAP professionals can connect with recruitment agencies and employers with ease.

Press Release Body: Specialists always produce better quality service and have a wider range. That's the approach of the leading SAP employment portal service when tackling the big players in the employment industry.

Focusing solely on work in the SAP sector, provides an excellent set of tools to help facilitate the perfect match between employer and job seeker.

One tool allows SAP job seekers to upload their resumes which then become searchable via parameters such as category and location. SAP professionals also list their skill set & experience which all combine to produce a detailed profile which potential employers and recruitment agencies can run through.

Christian Wade of is confident that by providing job seekers with the option to advertise their skills makes it an easy task for employers and recruiters looking for a suitable candidate.

"I would encourage job seekers to spend a good amount of time polishing up the resume and making sure that all relevant skills & experience are clearly listed. We have a lot of recruiters who work specifically in finding SAP clients so they really do know what they're looking for." said Wade, stating that the website currently has a database of over 2000 SAP resumes online and near 7000 registered SAP job seekers.

Wade also added that there were benefits also for recruitment agencies. "There are general job websites where the audience isn't very focused into a specific sector. In my experience, the real professionals in each industry avoid the general websites and are more likely to use an industry specific website. I feel that they have more confidence in a website that's dedicated to their industry. When you post a job on you know for sure that anyone that visits the site is a SAP candidate."

He further said that recruitment agencies are always trying to get the best candidates for each role, to keep their relationship with the employer at a high level. "As a recruitment agency, if you're sending A grade candidates to the employers for positions then you're going to keep getting jobs to fill".

SAP is experiencing tremendous growth, and there appears to be a shortage of qualified SAP staff with good experience. Wade says he hopes to increase the number of registered job seekers heading into 2009. "We're looking at adding plenty of resources for the SAP community in the new year. We see a great opportunity to continue our work as one of the leading websites for SAP jobs and candidates."

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