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Released on: December 19, 2008, 5:31 am

Press Release Author: Health World Web, Inc

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: Health World Web is announcing addition of videos to the Health Communities from icyou.com, new medical providers’ ads campaign and new gadgets for doctors, clinical trials and support group searches.

Press Release Body: December 19, 2008, Florida --- Health World Web, the premier Health 2.0 social networking site, has launched three new improvements for the site HealthWorldWeb.com.

Starting this week, users of Health World Web will be pleasantly surprised as video content from icyou (www.icyou.com), the source of health-related videos online, will be included in the communities. The icyou videos will complement the already formidable body of user-generated content on Health World Web ranging from user experiences, reviews, recommendations, blog posts and community forum sharing. “I’ve been always obsessed with providing more relevant information to our users. Addition of videos is just another big step in that direction. Videos are attractive because they are personal, compact and informative. As soon as you join the community of interest, not only you can participate and learn from blogs and forums, you can instantly gain knowledge from the best medical resources on that topic in the most convenient way ”, says Daniel Kogan, Founder and CEO of Health World Web.

“icyou is committed to bringing health information to as many people as possible,” said Nina Sossamon-Pogue, Vice President of Media for Benefitfocus, icyou’s parent company. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with Health World Web, which has found a great way to help build communities around the health issues that impact our lives.”

Aside from beefing up the content, Health World Web continues its mission to bring technology, social networking and patient interaction together by tapping into the widget technology making the search for medical professionals, doctors and specialists easier and more convenient.

The Doctor Search gadget will provide users with a tool to search for more than 1.3 million medical providers across the United States, including MDs, dentists, chiropractor, PTs and others. Along with Medical Providers Search Gadget HealthWorldWeb releases Clinical Trials Search, Support Groups Search gadgets. Now, anyone can embed a simple script into any Web site or personal iGoogle page to complete a convenient doctor, clinical trial or support group search powered by Health World Web. Our gadgets are available on this page (http://www.healthworldweb.com/pc/gadgets).

Lastly, doctors and medical professionals can also look forward to a better Health 2.0 with Health World Web. The problem with advertising on the Web has always been relevance. Imagine pitching obstetrics services to men or weight loss programs to anorexics. With Health World Web’s doctors advertising campaign, a paid advertisement is only displayed on the most relevant places on the site: whether it is on a community area, user area, forums, blogs or pages within each of those areas.

With the success of its Personalized Recommendation Engine (PRE) in providing a faster and more efficient way to deliver relevant content and information to patients, HWW decided to tailor its PRE technology so that doctors and other medical professionals could effectively advertise on the site. The PRE system utilizes patient data and activities on the site and then matches that information with doctors’ services, thereby bringing his or her specialty onto the patient’s screen.

What’s even better is that all advertisements are treated – and priced – equally. In observance of the service Health World Web gives to its users’ community, only relevant advertisements are served. Hence, our advertisers do not have to worry about having a flashy advertisement, nor do they have to bid for space or exposure. Only relevant ads shown to interested people—at a very low fixed cost!

About Health World Web
The site, HealthWorldWeb.com was launched in 2006 and has since grown significantly. In combining social networking and intelligent search, HealthWorldWeb.com makes it easier to create user-generated content on various health-related concerns. HealthWorldWeb.com makes it possible to find online social and emotional support, recommendations, advice and tips. The site also features information about physicians, dentists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals aimed at helping consumers make educated and informed decisions, backed by recommendations from a related on-site community.

Web Site: http://www.healthworldweb.com

Contact Details: Daniel Kogan
Health World Web
Jacksonville, FL
(646) 867-1452



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